Son Of The Orb Episode 46


i haven’t been shot before. What i see in movies had finally escaped the tv screen! And chose to visit me! My chest ached badly, i felt my whole body tearing in pieces. Blood oozed down effortlessly.
Aaaaaarrrgggh i groaned softly before passing out.
I found myself in a very beautiful place. Decorated with beautiful flowers. Some of the flowers were alien yet amazing. I brushed them while walking.
Me: woaw!!! I’m i in heaven? Yeeah! I made it!!! I screamed excitedly, punching the air.
Hang on, this wasn’t what i heard about heaven. I was told angels lived there?
Me: somebody welcome me! I’m in heaven!!! I only heard an echo of my voice. Geez!
I was tired of walking with seeing no one. I saw a precious stone. It resembled a rock, i sat gently on it.
Just then a small bird flew to my direction.
Bird: thats my seat!!!
Me: holy shît!!! I almost fell from the rock. Do animals speak around here?!
I don’t wanna live here!!!
Somebody help! This place is absurd.
Voice: shut up dashiell. You talk to much!
Me: da…dashiell? That name sounded familiar. Who are you? Another bird? I was getting scared ‘coz i couldn’t see anybody.
Voice : i’m Gaiane, your father.
Me: my father! How funny, the father i know about is Spencer!
Gaine: don’t be naive son.
Me: uhmm…i remembered what dad and mum told me about my identity. Why are you hiding?
Gaiane: you wouldn’t understand. Your going back to earth this moment.
I felt some invisible force pushing me backwards.
Me: hang on, may i ask?
Gaiane: anything for you son.
Me: where is boreas can i see him?
Gaiane: he laughed shortly. This aint sesium, Boreas is in sesuim.
Me: speaking of that. Is it true sesium is in danger?
Gaiane: yes. Doza is ruling, he thinks you and i don’t exist. We would surprise him in due course.
Me: (count me out) what are we waithng for?
Gaiane: time to go.
His voice faded away.
The same force came again, this time it was stronger.
I couldn’t resist, it swept me off my foot. I was practically flying. I felt weightless in the air.
Minutes later i could see trees and houses though they appeared tiny. Soon i found myself on the ground. I looked around me, everything was as normal as it used to be.
I looked up, the shining sun blinded my view. did i just fall from the sky? Waow! I screamed, elated.
The place around me looked like a farm.
It was closed to the road, i waited for several minutes no one wandered my way.
I walked on the road for a few kilometres. A billboard was by the roadside. Strode to it and read its write up. New orleans! I was in another state.
I searched my pocket for money but found none.
I was tired so i sat on the ground.
The cops apprehended the criminals and also retrieved the nuclear device. She was given some cash for her efforts. She was meant to be happy but she wasn’t. She searched the whole house four times. She couldn’t find Ethan. She knew he wasn’t playing tricks. She saw a pool of blood in the room. Worst still one of the men confessed he’d shot him.
Was his body stolen? She ran her hands through her hair as tears tricked down. The cops promised to search for him but they were doing nothing!