Son Of The Orb Episode 55


I ignited the fire cracker and kept it on the floor. I stepped some distance away. The banger went off, it was a five sounds banger, very loud!
Guy1: he was the gang leader. Rico! Check the backyard, you! Go to the woman, make sure you cool off the heat. I’m i understood?
He ranted in a loud voice.
Guy2 & 3: yes boss. They replied almost immediately, picked two guns and left.
Frank: he groaned he had weals all over his body. He spat on the gang boss. Uh! I hate you.
Gang boss: he slashed Frank some more, grinning devilishly.
Me: i stepped to the room. Stop that scumbag!!!
Gang boss: you wanna get some beatings? kid?
Me: you wouldn’t wanna dare me. I said shaking my head slowly.
Frank: what are you doing here? Run for your life he’s dangerous!!!
Me: no frank, i’m here to help.
Gang boss: to help? How about i help teach you some unforgettable lessons?
He charged towards me, with his hands stretched to its full length.
I quickly teleported behind him.
Gang boss: #confused. Where are you?
Me: over here.
He turned swiftly, slammed his face with the stool i was holding.
I gave a short cry and fell down.
I ran to frank and untied. He grunted softly.
Frank: thank you.
Me: not time for that! Lets get outta here.
Gang boss: he shoke his head vigorously and touched his face, it was red with heat.
He staggered from the floor and held Ethan by the sleeve. He raised him up.
Your so dead kid!
she held tightly to the woman who was shivering, balls of heat rallied her forhead. Trix however was unperturbed.
Man: who are you?
He asked Trix with a gun pointed to them.
Trix: your doom. It might interest you to know the police would be here soon. #smile.
Man: well then, i’d kill you and run away before the cops show up.
Woman: please don’t, take what you want. Just don’t hurt us.
Trix: lets watch you try.
Man: he was annoyed this brat have no idea how deadly he was. He bit his tongue and pulled the trigger.
His eyes widened when the bullets fell just before his foot.
Wu…who…what are you? He asked in a shaky voice. He didn’t finish when a metal fell on him.
Man: ooh aaaaww he groaned and fell face down.
Trix: lets get out of here. She helped the woman out and dailed 911
an agent answered instantly. She told them the cordinates of the house.
i kicked him on the g—n. He grunted and loosed his grip on me, he was weak!
I held Frank by the hand.
Frank: how did he do that? He wondered but kept quiet. Good thing they were now safe.
Me: where is the device?
Frank: its with them!
Me: you go ahead. I’d get it.
Frank: its dangerous!
Me: go! I yelled.
Frank: he limped out happily.
The gang boss was still wincing on the floor.
Me: where is the nuclear device?
Suddenly a gunshot was heard.
The third guy shot Ethan on the chest.
He then walked to his boss and helped him up.
He was interrupted by a cluster of voices.
Voices: police! Freeeeze.
The all pointed guns to him. He surrendered, with both hands on his head.