Son Of The Orb Episode 44


a car drove to a halt beside me. Trix alighted wearing black sunglasses and well packed hair.
Her make up was faint.
Trix: say hello to momma #smile.
Me: you look cute in those. I said pointing to her shades.
Trix: i saw it in a movie. Thats what they wear on rescue missions. Arnold especially.
Me: hahahaha lets get to it, frank may be in danger.
Trix: where is he?
Me: they took him there i replied, pointing to the huge house.
Trix: okay. She breathed. We walked to the main entrance.
We can’t go in from here. They are close to the living room.
Me: is there any other entrance?
Trix: i hope so. She lead the way as we strode to the western part of the house.
There was a wooden door.
Trix: this would do.
She secreted the hot liquid and splattered it on the door. The door creaked open on its own.
We stepped in slowly, Trix looked courageous. Uhmmm guess i was scared a bit.
An old woman with silver hair was tied to a chair, her lips were sealed.
OMG!!! I said running to her. I quickly undid the ropes.
Trix: what happened?
Woman: she coughed. Who are you?
Me: its not important. Who did this to you?
Just then we heard loud groans from a voice that resembled Frank’s.
Trix, attend to her, i’d go ahead.
Trix: Ethan wait.
Me: don’t worry, i’d find my way.
I walked some distance, met a flight of stairs and climbed it. Soon i was down on a corridor. Frank’s voice became clearer as a walked closer.
I stood behind a wall. Bingo! I’m just an inch away from Frank and the three guys.
I peeped from where i stood. Frank la!d on a chocolate coloured desk. He was being wiped at intervals.
what happened ma’am? You can trust me, i’m harmless. She urged on with a warm smile.
Woman: the kid truly didn’t look harmless. But how the heck did she get here?
She pondered for a while and decided to speak up, perhaps the girl can help.
Some three men broke in and tied me up. I think they are still in my house.
Trix: #exhale. You’ar free now, they are also holding my friend.
Woman: call the police!
Voice: what police??
Trix & woman: huh? They both gasped realising it was one of the criminals.
******7 MINUTES AGO******
my eyes strayed round the room, guns, cigars, knives and some computer gadgets littered round the room.
Frank’s groans were getting unbearable. Fire crackers were among their properties. Within seconds i teleported to a chair, grabbed the banger and flew back to my actual position, behind the wall.
Guy1: he was about wiping Frank when he felt sudden surge of breeze. It lasted for seconds and dissolved. What happened? He asked his cohorts hoping to get answers.
Guy2: what happened?