Son Of The Orb Episode 43


Mrs lance: you would be having my test tomorrow. I advice you prepare for it.
She announced after minutes of lesson.
Some students answered in the affirmative, others grumbled. All the same her test is gonna be hot!
Immediately she walked out of the class the bell was rang, signalling it was time to go.
I was arranging my books when Trix spoke up.
Trix: i gave the principal the device.
Frank & Ethan : what??!
Trix: kidding! Seriously thats what we gotta do.
Me: Besides you would be implicating frank.
Frank: i’m tired of this. Lets give it to the already.
Trix: its dangerous can’t you see?
Frank: tell me, if you were the one being hunted…
Me: uhmm i’m hungry i wanna go home.
Trix: its yours do as you please. She said giving him the device.
Frank: he collected it with shaky hands.
We left the school premise. Trix driver was already waiting.
Trix: by guys. Catch tomorrow.
Frank and i waved her goodby.
We walked down the lonely road slowly. The road was deserted as usual, vehicles don’t always ply it. It wasn’t a main road.
We heard loud sounds from behind we turned almost at the same time.
It drove at great speed, its left door was opened. Like a flash someone dragged frank in, closed the door and the van drove away.
I wiped my eyes, was i dreaming, how could Frank be so weightless?
Well, not time for rhetorical questions, i teleported swiftly behind the car. I wished i could cause it to fall but i couldn’t!
The van didn’t drive long. It stopped before a huge mansion in Frank’s street. A sexy street it was! I can live here only when i finally become a multi billionaire!
I hid behind a tall tree, watching as they led frank to the house. His lips was sealed with docktape. The dude looked funny with his pitiable expression.
Me: don’t worry kid, ethan’s got your åss. I whispered to the wind.
Frank and the men were already in, the closed the door behind them.
I tip-toed to the door and turned its knob, it didn’t open it was locked from inside.
Only one person can open locked doors. Trix!
I dailed her line, she answered almost immediately.
Trix: hello. She said in a baritone voice.
Me: hahaha you can’t scare me.
Trix: whatsup? Missing me already? Oh how sweet.
Me: drool on miss. I aint missing you.
Trix: aaaww.
Me: hey, i need your help, frank was kidnapped.
Trix: i don’t work with IMF, so no cash for ransome.
Me: geez your powers are worth a million bucks.
Trix: yeah! Any idea where he is being held?
Me: on his street. Drive down ASAP i’d be waiting.
Trix: yes sir. She replied sarcastically.
they kept him on a chair and detached the docktape.
Frank: what do you want huh?
Guy1: where is the device? He snarled angrily.
Frank: take it and let me be!
He wanted to dip a hand in his pocket but he was tied.
Guy2 : i’d get it. I removed the device from frank’s pocket. Yeeah! He cheered with a smile.
Frank: so what? May i go?
Guy3: not so fast lad. You must pay for taking us through hell. He reached for a long whip lying on a desk