Son Of The Orb Episode 42


**********KILLER 3*******
They were a group of international criminals, hard to catch. Their activities were always done in shadows. They were on their way to Korea but stopped to pass the night in NJ.
A device was stolen from them it was a high tech nuclear detonator wired into a smart phone. Without it their mission in Korea would be aborted. Their tracker shows the device was with frank. They must get it by all means!!!!!
i was at the school cafeteria, having lunch with frank and Trix. When we heard ticking sound. It sounded much like wall clock but much more sonorous.
Trix: whats that?
Frank: i think its my new phone. The device beep on its own.
Me: you brought that thing to school? What if they bullies came again?
Frank: your so fearful, they wouldn’t he said smiling.
Trix: she frowned abit. Bullies in Marian?
Frank: nope, not here.
Trix: uhmm can i see the device your talking about?
Frank: he brought it out, placing it on the round table. Thats the latest apple product he said smiling.
Trix: she dropped her fork, and took the device. She admired it, but there was something unusual about it. It was kinda warm to touch.
Why is it hot?
Frank: thats how it is. He replied with food in his mouth.
Me: i don’t think that device it what it seem. You might wanna scan it! I whispered in a way only Trix could understand. Somehow i think Trix and i can communicate through the mind. I’ve tried it many times and it worked!
Trix: she held the device close to her eyes. OMG!!! Frank how the heck did you get this?
Frank: sshh your screaming.
Trix: this is a nuclear device scheduled to be detonated at exactly 84hrs from now.
Frank: what?!
Trix: she opened the casing. Small LED countdown was displaying in red. This is explains the beep its making.
Frank: jeez! How did you know that?
Me: the question is how did you get this.
Frank: c’mon man, i already told you. I bought it from a hawker.
Trix: what do we do now? We can’t watch it detonate!
Frank: we should take it to the cops. God! My money is gone for nothing. #funny face.
Me: the police is not such a nice idea. You wouldn’t wanna be a suspect.
Frank: well, do you have other ideas?
Me: how about we dump it in a river?
Trix: count me out! If you want to destroy aquatic lives.
Just then the bell was rang! We all left for the class.
Trix: take your apple product. She said smiling sarcastically.
Frank: no please. You can have it. I don’t want it anymore.
Me: hahahahaha you bought it, its all yours.
Trix: we must find the owners and give it to them.
Me: how??
Trix: dunno but thats the only way out.