Son Of The Orb Episode 41


she moved into the country with her family two months ago. He father, a geophysicist worked with a world wide environment protection agency. He was deplored to investigate and probably curb a predicted volcanic eruption. Aarti was enrolled in grade – 12 at Marian high. School wasn’t rossy for her, her classmates seized every opportunity to make jest of her ’cause of her funny accent and short height. Frank was her only friend.
School was fun! i was scolded last night for staying out too long. Though i wasn’t grounded! Time flew like wind soon it was 4pm! Dux and i left for the library, the librarian was sleeping on duty as usual. Guess the noise i made while entering startled her abit.
Me: evening ma’am
librarian: Ethan! You’ar here to read right? She asked in a tone that suggest she had been sleeping for ages!
Me: yes. I’d go ahead.
Librarian: she smiled, placed her head on the desk and continued sleeping.
I shoke my head and left for the comic section.
Frank was already seated. Uhmmm quite unusual though.
Frank: i came before you hahahahaha!
Me: well i guess you did something terrible at home.
Frank: you aint serious.
We read for an hour and thirty minutes, i succeeded in reading two Tom clancy thrillers aside a comic.
Frank, dux and i walked slowly out of the library. We didn’t walk long when three guys approached us. They had long brown hairs and wore head warmers over it, their dressing and hairstyles reeked ‘bad guys’
frank: oh no! Not again!! He screamed as he took to his heels. Run ethan! Run! His voice was faint ‘coz he’d covered some distance.
I didn’t run! I had no course to.
Two guys chased him and the other was after me, dux ran to him just when he was inches away from me.
She bit him hard on the leg. He fell down, groaning. He made to get up when dux launched a second attack on his chin.
I was gobsmacked! I just stood from afar watching real life tv. Frank! I remembered two guys were after him. I ran towards his direction, dux followed me slowly.
he was running as fast as he could. Cutting through various houses. He was now very tired. He turned but they had gone he leaned on a wall to catch his breath.
Frank: ha that was close!!!
Voice: it haven’t ended kid!!!
Frank: he faced the direction of the voice. Aaaaaarrrggh he screamed loudly. He was about running via the opposite direction when the other guy appeared before him. He stood in their middle. There was no escape route!
Frank: what do you want!
Guy1: he walked towards him. The phone!
Guy2: give us the phone.
Frank: what damñed phone???
Guy1: grin# the one with ‘Thad’ written on it. We know its with you.
Frank: thats my phone and i aint giving bullies like you!
Guy2: he pointed a gun to frank. Well, wanna die?
Me: i was just in time to witness the scene from afar.
In a matter of seconds i grabbed the gun from Franks assailant. Naturally i was scared but i teleported and i knew he wouldn’t see me.
I punched him on the cheek! He fell down
Me: frank run!
We ran and hid behind a truck.
Frank: how did you become invisible?
Me: i was?
Frank: of course.
Me: why are they after you?
Frank: he dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a slim device with shiny screen. Because of this.
Me: right now i wanna be so wrong you stole it from them!
Frank: i didn’t. I bought it from a street hawker, dunno why they are after it.
Me: hmmm perhaps there is more to it than what we see.
Frank: he shrugged. I don’t know. I’m confused!