Son Of The Orb. Episode 40


It was time for the celebrant to walk up stage.

The master of ceremony announced and everyone seem cheerful about it except me.

Uhmmm i tend to have stage fright, seriously if Trix told me before now, i wouldn’t have accepted to be her escort!!!!
Me: shall we? Birthday girl! I stretched my hand.
Trix: she grabbed his hand with a smile.
Me: are those tooth artificial? They’ar so white!
Trix: like snow white. #smile.
Me: we walked slowly towards the stage. Increase your pace pls, i’d fall anytime soon.
Trix: i wouldn’t sed this day till after 364 days! I should cherish it you know. She whispered with a smile.
Me:do as i say else i destroy your cake.
Trix: i love to watch you try.
Me: ok, just don’t cry.
Trix: pls don’t do it.
Me: now that sounds like it. #smile.

We finally got to the stage, my heart was still pounding, i felt like running away, Trix surely have alot of people.
The MC stepped forward, gave me the mic and left.
Me: what am i supposed to say??’!! I thought silently.

Good evening every one. I don’t have much to say, just wanna wish Bellatrix a very very very happy birthday. Trix, i wish you bubbly more years ahead. Your such a great and wonderful friend to have, no gift can compare to the magnitute of your friendship. That however doesn’t mean i wouldn’t give you anything. Here, this is for you, i gave her a flower and wrapped piece of jewelry.

Trix: thanks #smile.
Mr Tolentino and his wife, Ariel.–Trix parents offered their wishes and gifts. Many other gifts followed. Soon a big ceremic basin was full, someone took it away from the stage.

Trix: she collected the mic. Thank you thank you.

Thanks everyone. She said waving her hand.
Mc: dj! Lets have salsa music.

The environment beamed with soft music.

Trix: lets dance.
Me: i don’t know how to dance. Let alone SALSA dance!!
Trix: come here. She drew me closer.
Me: i placed a hand on her shoulder and the other on her waist. I don’t know how to dance, hope my powers would do the trick.


He sipped a glass of blue wine, his gaze shifted to the stage.

Tolentino: where did your daughter learn that?
Ariel: your guess is as good as mine. #smile.
Tolentino: they remind me of our college days.
Ariel: we’ar legends in steel band, you know. She giggled at him.
Tolentino: you make me wanna dance!!!
Ariel: what are you waiting for? She got up and held him by the hand. They walked to the stage.
Ariel: just like the old days.
Tolentino: just like the old days! They both smiled and began dancing skillfully.


He sat next to Aarti, his crush. She was an indian girl with dark lovely hair, and blue eyes. She was short in height and funny in accent.
Frank: lets dance!
Aarti: she looked left and right. Talking to me?
Frank: of course baby he said smiling.
Aart: dance? Me no dance.
Frank: are you kidding me? Indians rock the ball room!
Aarti: not all indians. She replied shyly.

Just then the music changed to indian pop!!!
Aarti: hooo-hooo.
Frank: gotcha! You like it?
Aarti: yes yes i do, thats rancho song, my favorite artist.
Frank: he dragged her to the dance floor.


Soon the podium was filled with people, everyone was dancing though some were acting under the influence of alcohol. We dance some more. The party ended few minutes past 10pm.

Most guests had departed.

Me: mum would be damñ mad!

Trix: tell her you enjoyed yourself. Sure she would understand. #wink
me: can you take vera home?
Frank: i’m also leaving, i’d drop her.
Me: okay then, gotta go.
Trix: don’t wanna ride with frank?
Me: no thanks, i have a ride.
Frank: where is it.
Me: hahahahaha you can’t see it.
Frank: i think he had much to drink. He thought and left to search for Vera and Aarti.
Me: bye trix.

I walked to a dark region, tweaked my foot, at the drop of a hat i was home