Son Of The Orb. Episode 39


I set my phone on alarm and left the restroom. There was no way i would teleport right now.
Vera might find out and infact create a wrong impression.
I opened the door and stepped out. Vera stood at here previous position, with folded arms.
Vera: you took shorter than i expected. #smile.
Me: i was only kidding did you really believed me?
Vera: i think so.
We continued walking down the hallway.
Me: Trix is celebrating her birthday today.
Vera : yeah, she gave me the card but i turned it down ‘coz i was expecting you.
Me: aaaww i’m here now, and would like us to attend together.
Vera: you wanna truncate dinner?
Me: not exactly. I’d killed to bird with a stone. I should be there now.
Vera: uhmm we’d go together she said smiling.
Soon we were at the dinning, mr Hogan was eating.
Me: i’d be on my way now sir.
Hogan: stay some more. We aint done talking.
Me: you see, i have an appointment and am running late.
Hogan: okay kid, your free to visit anytime you wish. He smiled.
Me: thank you sir. I’ll
hogan: i think i like the kid, he’s humble and smart. He thought silently and continued eating. He realised Vera was missing.
Where is Vera?
Vera: here dad. She walked out, still trying to wear a jacket.
Hogan: ah, are you cold?
Vera: no dad, uhm…a classmate is hosting her birthday. I’d love to attend.
Hogan: #frown and you didn’t tell me before hand?
Vera: sorry dad. Won’t stay all night. Promise! She pointed a finger to her forehead. Whatever that meant….i’ve got no idea.
Hogan: he only nodded.


she searched for Ethan he was no where around the house. Where had he gone to?
She stood akimbo. All guests were present. She was dressed im pink flowing gown with silver strips. Her curly blonde hair fell on her shoulders perfectly. She wore pink crown, bought by her dad.
The party was being held in their garden. She walked to the dJ.
Trix: delay the programs abit.
Dj: how am i to do that?
Trix: its your job not mine. Dummy!! Play music or something entertaining. And hey! Pop is the music.
Dj: how arrogant, he whispered when she was out of sight.
Frank : he wore black tux and white shirt which was the dress code for males. Hey trix! Have you seen Ethan?
Trix: no.
We took a cab from Vera’s house soon we were at Trix’. Uhmmm i made the taxi overspeed the driver was worried but he didn’t show it.
Vera was clad in red gown, her perfume almost consumed my already fading scent.
Trix: she saw them coming from afar, she smiled happily and ran towards them.
Where went you?
Me: to pick Vera i said smiling.
Trix: ok ok ok, i’d thought you ran away. You came just in time.
Welcome to my party, Vera.
Vera: its so grand and beautiful.
Trix: thanks, our classmates are over there. She described and dragged me by the hand. Your so dead. She made a raised a rock with her eyes to hit him.
Me: i was just in time to teleport.
Hahahahahahahaha did you see that?
Trix: how did you do it? Teach me!!!
Me: oh hahahahahaha not for party girls.