Son Of The Orb. Episode 38


she was learning to live without her mum and brother, it wasn’t easy at first but her dad was always there for her. He made sure she got almost everything she needed including some sort of freedom.
She was in the living room with her dad, hogan.
They were watching tv, while the househelps walked about, doing a thing or two.
Just then a soft knock came on the door.
Hogan: alice?!
Vera: i’d get it. She said, stopping her dad who was calling a maid.
She opened the door slowly, she saw Ethan and opened it wider!
Vera: hmmm you look good without uniforms. She smiled a bit.
Me: best way to welcome a guess!!!! #smirk.
Vera: oh! Mr. Ethan, your highly welcome to my humble home. How about that?
Me: if i’m to score, well i guess you’d be given 3 out of 10.
Vera: hahahahaha seriously, your welcome. This way please.
We both walked to the living room. It looked cuter than i remember.
I sat on a chocolate coloured couch.
Vera: dad, this is Ethan. Ethan, my dad.
Hogan: he look smaller than i imagined. He thought silently. How are you? He asked with a welcoming smile.
Me: i’m fine sir.
Vera: dad? Ethan? Dinner is ready.
Hogan: come, join us.
Me: uhmm i couldn’t resist, i was somehow hungry.
We strode to the adjoining room. Vera increased her pace, she got there before us. She drew open the curtains. Woaw! I was marvelled at what i saw.
The dinning setting most definitely cost arms and legs. The round table was glassy, the chairs round it were gold spotted. Thats not all, meal courses graced the table, about six tall, candles were also on the table. The setting was mouth watering. I sat on a chair next to Vera while her dad sat far north.

Someone dished out our meals then left.
I took a sip of juice. I meant to cut a piece of meal but stopped when Mr. Hogan spoke up.
Hogan: i learnt you and Vera are classmates?
Me: thats right sir.
Hogan: so tell me, what would you have me do for you?
Me: sir?
Vera: what dad meant is, he want to pay you back for saving his life.
Me: you don’t have to. I only did what i could.
Hogo: i’d give you a scholarship.
Me: i’m already on scholarship, sir.
Hogo: aaaww okay. How about your dad, what does he do?
Me: i drank another gulp of juice. He’s a farmer sir.
I replied and closed my eyes, watching what was up with Trix party. It was just kick starting, its obvious she was searching for me.
Vera: Ethan?!
Me: i was startled. The images faded away. Ye…yes..? Did you call me?
Hogan: #smile what were you doing?
Me: praying.
Hogo: i was asking if your dad produce wheat.
Me: a really need to be at Trix! I screamed in my head. Erm…sir…i wanna use the restroom.
Vera: uuuh. Let me show you.
We left the dinning room for the hallway. Just hope there would be window big enough to teleport through.
Vera: its over there. I’d wait here. She said amidst laughter, pointing to a door.
Me: go on ahead. Eat before your food gets cold. I spend years in the toilet you know.
Vera: don’t worry food can wait.
Me: aaaaarrrggh
vera: you all right?
Me: yeah #uneasy smile