Son Of The Orb. Episode 37


Huuuu!!! Its 5pm i still haven’t decided which invitation to honoour. I’ve searched the internet on decision making well, i got nothing useful. I lay on the bed to sleep but sleep was far away. The scroll! Aestries said my training is daily. I withdrew the drower and picked it, folded it into a staff, just like yesterday it disappeard and formed a screen on the wall.

Aestries: good day my lord.
Type of lesson: teleportation.
Me: teleportation? Hoo-hoo can’t wait!
Aestries: tweak your big toes against the other toes.
Me: i did it but nothing happend. Are you kidding me?
Aestries: you must have a place in mind sir.
Me: i tweaked my toes again, this time, thinking about kitchen. Like magic i saw myself running in the air, my legs were swifter than bullet.
In a fragment of seconds i was in the kitchen.
I took a bite of doughnut, tweaked my feet again soon i was in my room.

Me: wow! Aestries your the best.
Just then my phone rang, it was trix!
Me: i answered immediately. Hello Trix.
Trix: where are you? Its starting!
Me: just got off the cab. I’d be there before you know it.
Trix: three minutes!
Me: uhmmm
trix: what?
Me: never mind.
I rushed my bath, wore black tux, bow tie and designer shoes. A brush was dressing my hair while i was wearing the tux. Whooaa! Feels good to have super abilities!
Soon i was ready, i ran downstairs. Mum was in the living room.
Me: mum, i’d be on my way.
Mum: don’t stay out long else i’d come there to pick you.
Me: hahahaha
mum: seriously! Your time ends by 8pm.
Me: okay mum. Bye Mhuuuaah
mum: you look good.
Me: thanks. I said running out.
Mum: forgetting the gift and flowers?
Me : oh thanks. I grabbed them from the couch, walked out and teleported away.
I moved with great speed through the busy street. Guess no one even saw me. I arrived Trix’ home after five minutes. A journey of half an hour!!

Trix: she stood at the door, still on casual wears since the guests were yet to completely arrive.
She saw Ethan from afar and ran to him. Hugging him tightly.
Me: aaaww happy birthday dear.
Trix: smile thanks. Whats wrapped in there? She said, pointing to the nylon i was holding.
Me: uh uh, not now. I said shaking my head.
Just then a small boy ran towards us, he held a bar chocolate.
Boy: trix am hungry!
Trix: c’mon troy, say hi.
Me:who is he?
Trix: a crazy brother. Lets go in.
Me: hmmm.
We walked in, the living ronm was large, every angle of it smelt riches. It was decorated with baloons and gitterati.

Me: wooow! Who did this? Its so beautiful.
Trix: glad you like it #smile. Would you like coffee?
Me: uhmm not yet. Attend to this hungry dude. I said pointing to her kid brother.
Trix: he eats to much!!! I’d be right back. She said dragging him.
Me: i’d be back too. I whispered, preparing myself to teleport to Vera’s home