Son Of The Orb. Episode 36


Me: #smile i don’t know. Well, maybe ghosts don’t make themselves known to their loved ones.
Vera: she nodded. I think your right.
Me: wink#
vera: hmmm #smile.
We walked in silence to the class before dispersing to our seats.
Trix was already in, she was playing with a cell phone.

Trix: hey! #smile
Me: hi! Guess what? I said sitting down.
Trix: uhm….you were shortlisted for oscar? #smile.
Me: hahahaha seems your power is limited.
Trix : i don’t read minds you know.
Me: i can now read the scroll! I said in a whisper, such that only her could hear.
Trix: seriously?!!! Tell me something.
Just then frank walked in.
Frank: hey guys.
Trix: franky!
Frank: the birthday cards are ready. He said smiling.
Trix: thanks!!!
Me: #cough someone is lost here.
Trix: tomorrow is my birthday. She said smiling a bit.
Me: and you never care to tell me? Seems i aint important. #funny face.

Trix: i wanted everything ready before telling you.
Frank: its more like a surprise, you just ruin it. Hahahahahahaha.
Trix: you’d be my escort tomorrow.
Me: escort???
Frank: momma’s boy. An escort in a party is one who walks down the aisle with the celebrant and also the first to give her flowers.
Me: what? Why me? I don’t attend parties, dunno how its done.
Trix: #smile just be yourself, it’ll be my special day.
Me: i’ll try. Don’t laugh at me ok? Especially you, frank. I said giving him a friendly punch.
Just then a teacher walked in.
The interesting history subject lasted for several minutes, soon it was break. I strode to the cafeteria, and sat on an available seat, i ordered for cheese; baked not fried.

I heard footsteps behind me, i quickly turned ’cause the person seemed to be approaching me.
Vera: may i seat here?
Me: yeah, sure.
Vera: thanks #smile.
She placed her orders too. We ate together for minutes, soon afterwards, it was time to pay.
Me: waiter!!
Vera: she noticed he was about paying. i took care of it. She said with a smile
me: uh….

Vera: shhhh don’t talk about it. Uhhmmm dad wants to see you, can you make it?
Me: see me, anything wrong?
Vera: nope, i told him about you.
Me: what did you say??
Vera: secret, she shook her head slowly.
Me: c’mon tell me? I said smiling.
Vera: i said its a secret. Don’t worry it aint something bad.
Me: okay! Fine! When are we meeting?
Vera: 7pm tomorrow, at our house.
Me: seven Pee emm??? I almost screamed. Same time with Trix’ birthday party.
Vera: you okay with it? Would you be occupied?
Me: no…erm…i’d make it.
Gosh! I wish i didn’t say that!! Those words came out on their own. I can’t afford to fail Vera’s dad. Trix party! Oh my! I’m her escort i must be present!!!!!