Son Of The Orb. Episode 35


Today’s morning was a nice and refreshing one.

I felt so happy, well i guess its ’cause of the supernatural stuffs i learnt the previous night.

I rushed my bath and breakfast, soon i was done.

Dad: good to go?
Me: yes dad! #smile. I picked my backpack, pecked mum goodbye and walked out. We drove in dad’s car for a couple of minutes. I hope those powers aint limited to the walls of my room? “why not try it?” a voice sang in my head. My scurried the car for objects but found none! Yes! An idea popped in my head.

Dad: he was driving a 60km/hr, just then, the speed doubled to 120km/w. Oh my God! He screamed trying hard to swerve the car, the road was partially filled with travelling cars.
Me: #smile.
Dad: like a flash the speed reduced on its own. He exhalled deeply. That was close, this car must be checked.
Me: you unknowingly stepped on the accelerator.
Dad: i don’t think i did!
Me: you wouldn’t know you did ’cause i exerted more pressure than your legs did.
Dad: waoa! Is that some new physics theory? You exert pressure by not having contact with that object. Your teachers need query..
Me: hahahaha, okay watch out dad!
Dad: the car started speeding again. Ok ok i believe you!! The car stopped speeding. How did you do that?
Me: i read some parts of the scroll yesterday…

Dad : i’m proud of you, son. Know what i think? Don’t over use what you’ve learnt, that way people won’t think you’ar demonic #smile.
Me: hmmmm
we drove silently to my school gate, i alighted and waved dad goodbye.

I was walking into the premises when i heard a voice.
Voice: Ethan, hang on!
Aaaaaarrrhhgg is it now a tradition that i’d meet Trix at the gate everyday?
Me: trix are you…. I bit my tongue, realising it wasn’t Trix but vera!
Vera: hi
me: look who we have here! Princess V.
Vera: #smile. Dad was released yesterday.

Thanks to you.

Me: i did what everyone in my shoes would do.

Thanks to veeko for making it happen.

Vera: #smile i miss him.her expression changed to a sad one.
Me: no no. Don’t ruin your day. He wouldn’t wanna see you sad.
Vera: is he around? He would hear when i speak right? She was excited.
Me: sorry to burst your bubble, veeko’s returned to the other world.
Vera: boo-hoo. I wish he stayed alittle longer….may i ask? How come only you could see him???