Son Of The Orb. Episode 34


me: i can’t comprehend the contents of this scroll, can you help?
Veeko: hmmm…well lets see.
Me: here, i said giving it to him.

Veeko: hahahahahaha seriously man, you think ghost have gravity to hold mundane stuffs?
Me: i think i’m so fond of you. For a minute i see you as a friend i can feel and touch.
I kept the scroll on the bed. He sat next to it. Scuitinizing its content meticulously.
Veeko: holy shìt! Do you know what this is?
Me: na, you wanna help?
Veeko: back there in the underworld, i heard tales about the sesian baron scroll, this is it!
Me: pretending not to know# woow!!! So whats in there?
Veeko: no one else can read it, except the sesian prince. Who i think is nowhere near our planet.

Me: what if i tell you i’m Dashiell?
Veeko: he thought about it for a while. It could be him. He’d seen the amazing things he did back there.
This would help in reading it.
He said, giving me a rectangular glassy shiny object.
Me: i collected it, though very amazed i could recieve something from a ghost.

Veeko: it interpretes every language in the language you can understand.
Me: thanks man, you’ar the best. I said hugging him. Just then i heard his voice from the other angle of the room.
Veeko: its time you learn ghost don’t have body you can hug. He laughed sarcastically.
Time to go, Ethan.
Me: farewell, veeko.
Veeko: pls, try to watch my sisters back as much as you can. Tell her i love her.
Me: i will.
Veeko: he waved slowly. his image became fainter and fainter till he vanished.
Me: huuuuu i sighed heavily. I placed the object on the scroll. Yepeee! I could decipher its content.

“dashiell, dear…..”
i was about reading when a voice interrupted me.
Mum: time for dinner!!! She knocked at my door.

Me: aaaaaaarrrhhggg i aint hungry!!!
Mum: its your favorite! Dad is already eating, he may finish it before you step out.
I rushed downstairs, we ate dinner as a family.

The meal wasn’t that delicious, guess its ’cause i didn’t give it all my attention. I ate the food hurriedly like it was the passover meal i read about in the bible.
Minutes later i was in my room, with the scroll and the object. I heard my name again when i was about reading.

Me: OMG!!! I strolled to the corridor. Mum am busy!

Mum: i never called you.
Me: great my imaginations playing tricks!

The scroll was divided into sections and paragraph. I read the first paragraph of the scroll, this time without any interference.
“to you, dashiell, my son. I had to take all your rights, privileges and powers. That way you’d learn what it mean to be human, and your compassion would be uncompromised. You have to learn all over again like a toddler”
after the introduction were a set of rules. I followed to first rule which was to roll the scroll into a staff. At the drop of a hat, the ‘staff’ escaped my hand, with a great force that made me stumble. I regained my self after minutes. I stood up, panting faintly. The scroll disappeared. I searched the room but couldn’t see it.

Me: where the heck is the scroll?! I yelled angrily.
Voice: over here sire. The voice sounded feminine but alot more smoother.

I traced it to the wall, a a flat screen device with attractive shiny sides was plastered on the wall.

Voice: my lord, i’m Aestries. At your command sire.
Me: i felt like asking about to scroll but kept quiet. Restore my powers! I whispered.
Aestries: your first lesson sire. Focus on an object….

Me: it continued instructing, while i did the obeying. I focused on my boots, pointed a finger to it and i could move it in any direction i desired.
I did same to my books and wardrobe stand.
Aestries: that would be all for today sire, just call me when i’m needed. It fell on the floor.
Me: oh! No! I thought it broke, on the contrary, it transformed back to a scroll