Son Of The Orb. Episode 33


Vera: help me tell him i missed him so much.
Ethan: he can hear you vera just say the words.
Vera: V she called with sadness in her voice as veecko moved close to her. I really wished you were here, i guess my life wont be so messed up.

You are really wonderful vee even after death you still want dad’s freedom, its hurts so bad that am gonna be saying this to you this way, but you’ll always be my brother vee.

Veeko: looking at her he felt so sad, his facial expression was contorted in pains. Trix and i looked at him quietly and emotionally as we waited for reply.

Vera: is he gone??
Veeko: tell her it was really lovely having her as sister. I said the words repeatedly after him at the end of each sentence.
Veeko: have always watched you, vera and what hurts me most is seeing how lonely and broken you’ve become. Am fine right here, though i miss you as much as you miss me, just know am somewhere looking at you and will always be proud to call you my sister! Just when i finished the line.

Vera just couldnt hold back her tears as she sat on the floor, tears flowed freely from her eyes.
Trix: going over to console her.
Vera: whats the point bella, all it took for him to be gone was just a witch step mum.

Trix: i really cant say i understand how you feel, i know you are hurt, but you have to be strong vera, your strength is what he needs right now.
Craig: coughs as he taps vera on the shoulder, i think you’ve cried enough already vera. Its not like i believe in ghost anyway but i think i do believe this kids. You dad will be realised right away but your step mum would be kept in check by the police.

Vera: her teary face lit up in joy, atleast she’s got her dad by her side. The fallen officers began to gain conciousness, constance was taken away.
Craig: i think you have to come along miss vera.
Vera: aint you guess coming??
Me: mum is gonna be looking for me have got to go.
Trix: me too.

Vera: hugging them both thanks for coming. Trix quickly grabbed her book as we left imediately.
Me: wheeeew that was close i said with a smile.
Trix: yea things would have been a little bit complicated if she hadnt show up.
Me: i hate prison!!
We talked and laughed as i saw her off to her house, she hugged me good-bye i headed straight home. Again and again i felt blessed having my mum and dad, seeing vera and veeko i felt bad for them but there was totally nothing i could do for them. I guess the encounter made me a bit moody, the day ran pretty fast i was in my room on my bed looking at the celling as the event kept on replaying.

Veeko: with smile on his face thank you ethan.
Me: i turned quickly to see veeko standing looking quite happy.

Veeko: dad has been released and vera looks alot more happier.
Me: that great i guess you’ll no longer wander the earth i said smiling a bit.
Veeko: its time to go, you’ve been so helpful, even now i feel at ease. Have come to return a favour, i may not be so powerful ethan but i know alot the gift of being a spirit. What would you have me do for you ethan??
Me: i thought for a while, yes!!! the scroll, i need to know its content, but i cant comprehend perhaps he could. I quickly got out the scroll, this will do i said.