Son Of The Orb. Episode 32



Her hair was a mess! Some strands lingered on her sweaty face. The ‘beautiful vera’ in her vanished long ago. Her life was as good as her unkemptness. She felt alone in this whole wide weird wicked world. Her only brother was gone. She was returning from the police station where she visited her dad. The thoughts of going home rang tough alarm in her head. Aaaaaarrrhhhgggg she don’t wanna meet her evil step mum!!!!!
The taxi rolled to a halt. She paid to cab man and alighted.

Vera: whats going on here? She whispered to thin air upon sighting fleets of police cars in their compound.
She walked briskly into the house


We were still argueing with officer craig who proved much more stubborn than roman goats. When vera walked in. Well, i was taken aback for two reasons. First she looked like one who survived WWIII; second, i didn’t know we were in her house. Not until veeko spelt it out.
Veeko: thats my sis. The one i told you about.
Vera: Ethan? Bella? Officers? #scoff somebody answer me. Whats going on here?!!!! She yelled angrily.
Craig: geez! What kinda web is this? From domestic violence to telepathic kids and now a psycho.
Erm…you know them?
Vera: yes officer, they are my classmates.
Craig: no! No! No! They aint your classmates.

These kids are murderers, telepathics! They killed your brother.
Vera: her mouth flew agape. She didn’t know what to believe. All she was after is to librate her dad. But her classmates were at stake her. Gosh! She felt between a rock and hard soil.

Craig: we’d arrest them for further investigations. Officer! He thundered. Like a flash an officer came towards us, holding a silver coated cuff.
Trix: i hate to do this, but your forcing me officers! She thought. Just then the cuffs turned red hot in the officer’s hand.
Officer: aaaaaarrrrhggg he cried, throwing the cuff away. Too late! His palms were wealed with burns.
Craig: wh…wha…what happened?
Me: i walked to vera and hold her hands kindly. I understand what you feel vera. Believe me i do! Your step mum is a witch, your kid bro, Veeko asked for our help, to save your dad. Thats how we got caught in this web.
Vera: and why should i believe you?
Trix: she looked at veeko expectantly.
Veeko: tell her: ‘lady V, sire V. Top nobels of the V kingdom”
me: i quickly relayed veeko’s words.
Vera: thats the poem their mum always sing to them!!! V-prince? She asked half heartedly.
Me: V-lady? Uhmm, veeko called you that.
Vera: smile# sorry for misinterpreting you!
Craig: he was speechless all this while, with rapt attention to the unfolding drama. I’m lost. Do we have ghosts around here?
Vera: she ignored him. My step mum is a witch. I’ve always suspected her!!
Craig: you too have been hypnotized!!!! He looked at his officers they mysteriously fell down. They seem unconscious. He was the only one standing, some streams of fear purred withing him.


She sat on the floor motionless. The effects of the counter spell made her loose some part of her memory. The actual world was strange to her, she was hearing distants voices. She felt alienated from the real her.