Son Of The Orb. Episode 31


stunned with shock and surprise we briskly walked outside to meet the men in uniform.

One of them who probably was their leader stepped forward.
Man: officer craig…. Province police. He said flashing his tag.
Trix: what brought you here?
Craig: a good citizen reported a case of domestic violence in this house. He said, walking towards the door.
Me: i obstructed his way. Its not what you think officer……
Craig: don’t interfere kid!! We tagged behind to officers that strode inside. Tables, vases and all were littered on the floor. Guess this guys would misinterprete the message.
Two of the officers took snap shots of the room.
Craig: what happened here?
Me: i thought about it for a while. I shouldn’t tell him the truth. He may not even believe!
I was still brainstorming what to say when Trix interrupted.

Trix: these were done by a witch!
Craig: a what? Witch?! Ridiculous. Witches stop existing when my grandma was born. He smiled wryly.
Trix: i’d show you.
Craig: whats this girl up to? He thought silently, shrugged and followed her.

Soon we were upstairs. Constance sat on the floor her hair looked unkemt. It covered her face, ears and neck. She was exhausted, still staring at the floor. Someone could easily denote she wasn’t aware of our presence.

Craig: who is she?
Me: the witch!
Craig: her raised her jaw, she looked weak. She didn’t mutter a word. Is this your own idea of a witch? Look her kids. I’ve done this all my life. The woman is suffering from some sort of psychological disorder.
Trix: no sir. She’d get herself back after sometime.

Craig: wait a minute. How are you related to her?
Me: uh-uh what?
Craig: how the heck are you related to the woman? I’m following a murder case in this house and last i checked, there is only one kid in this house. Know whats more you aint the kids. That make you my primary suspects!!!
Veeko: no officer the aint. His eyes widened.
Trix: just shut up! He can’t hear you!!!
Craig: he pointed a finger to his chest. He can’t hear me? Who?
Me: i want you to believe me officer. We are harmless, as a matter of fact, we came to librate ma’am constance. And prove to you sir Hogan is innocent of your allegations.
Craig: he sent you didn’t he?
Trix: she showed him the huge book. This! This is what we used in librating her.
Craig: he would listen to no such. The case was getting more interesting.
You are guilty of conspiracy to murder. You’d better start confessing. Maybe i’d lighten your punishments