Son Of The Orb. Episode 30


The wind continued blowing so fiercely. I had to grab an iron bar to stop me from falling. It didn’t really help, my legs were swimming in the air, my hair strands dancing backwards.
Veeko: whats happening? Do something!!!
Me: what can i do??!!

Voice: focus, concentrate! Calm it down.
Me: the voice sounded familiar. Boreas?
Boreas: greetings your majesty. At that instant, the wind stopped.
I searched the room for him, he wasn’t there. Where are you? I yelled.
Boreas: you can’t see me. There’s a rift between us, i can’t come down either!
Veeko: who is he?
Me: shut up! Just shut up!!
Boreas: i aint here for pleasantries. Bellatrix is in danger you must save her.
Me: me? How…i….
Boreas: my lord? You didn’t read the scroll did you?
Me: no its….
Boreas: fine! Repeat after me : leis wei marc zaicoma
me: #confused. Leis what?
Boreas: leis wei marc zeicoma. It’ll revive her.
His voice faded, i could no longer hear him. The door was already opened, perhaps the wind did it.
I walked in while veeko’s ghost tagged along.
she strode to the basement and then to the crates store room. The kid wasn’t there. Dirt littered the floor, the whole place was nothing less of garbage dump. She scoffed. The door to her room was slightly opened she smiled, walking towards it.
Trix? Trix!!!! I screamed. I heard feeble replies, i traced the voice downstairs. Trix la!d on the floor, stiffed.
Me: trix! Trix are you okay? I said shaking her vigorously.

Veeko: use the powers that mysterious voice gave you!
Me: yes! I placed a palm on her head.
Leis…leis..w., jeez! I can’t remember those strange words.

Veeko: #exhaled. We need her!
Me: i know and i’m trying my best here. Don’t make this difficult!
I placed a palm on her again. This time i was quiet, reminiscing what Boreas said.
Leis wei marc zeicoma. I whispered slowly.
Trix: she coughed. What happened?
Me: trix! Oh thank goodness your okay. I hugged her tightly.
Trix: the book! She took it!
Veeko: what?!


woow! This book is so powerful! How did those kids got it? She smiled. She’d used some commands in the book to build walls of fire round her. She sat comfortably in her room, waiting for them.
Trix: using her infrared vision she could see the woman and the walls of fire round her. She made her hand into a fist, punching Ethan on the chin.
Me: oouch what was that for? I yelled angrily. My chin was hurting.
Trix: you use your powers only when you’ar angry…..see? You hand is glowing.
Me: aaaaaarrrggg. I kicked the door, it opened instantly. The witch was reading a huge novel.
Constance: what took you so long?
Her eyes dilated, filled with red liquid. I pointed my glowing hand to her. She yelled in pain. Scratching her body like she was in hell fire. The book fell from her hand.
Trix quickly picked it.
Trix: she read the counter spells. “leave this body now. I command you dark power deserted” she kept repeating the words on and on. The witch fell on the floor, shaking violently. She continued fighting for minutes then suddenly she stopped. The veins on her body disappeared, her eyes were normal, even her teeth now looked more like that of humans.

Trix: exhale heavily# she’s librated.
At that instant we heard loud sirens. We all rushed to the window.
Three police cars drove in, cops alighted with their guns