Son Of The Orb. Episode 29


we drove in Trix’ car to veeko’s home but parked the car meters away from the house then walked towards the house.
Trix: burning garlic would distract her, that way we’d get in unnoticed.
Me: okay! She brought a small pot made of steel and half filled with garlic bulbs. We poured some diesel on it and light it up. It started burning, the smoke had an unpleasant smell. Just then Veeko appeared.
Veeko: she’s in the upper room, ethan you’d take the basement while Trix would go through the main entrance.
Me: uhmmm hope you know i don’t have the map of your house?
Veeko: i’d guide you. Trix, there’s a spiral staircase in the living room, it leads to the second floor.
Trix: got it!
She held the book tightly in her armpit.
Veeko and i walked the the basement, there was a narrow tunnel.
We entered it, closing its top cover. The tunnel was sloppy, we slidded down within minutes, we arrived a filled with crates of different drinks.
Me: mehn! Your rich, is your dad running some sort of lounge?
Veeko: nah! The drinks are family property.
Me: where are we?
Veeko: the drinks store. That door over there leads to my dad’s room. In other words, where the witch is staying. He said pointing to an oak door.

She was arranging her clothes when suddenly she percieved a strong smell. It was intoxicating. Her eyes were closing on their own. She fell on the bed still rubbing them.
“alkre maeh jaeyyi tuwaaaa!!!!!” she cried loudly. Just then her vision became clear again, she felt stronger than before. She paced to a mirror hanging on the wall. She waved her hand and she could see everything in the house. She smiled as she saw them approaching. green veins were visible all over her body, her teeth were green and out of shape.

The door was locked. She smirked and spat on it, its knob melted instantly. With a foot kick the door creaked open. She thought of running straight to the witch and cast counter spells on her.
Trix: lets see how the guys are faring. She activated infrared vision. Ethan was struggling with a door, the door was locked. She was about running out to help them when she had laughters from the stairs.
Constance: hahahahah welcome to cat hole. You rat!!!
Trix: huh? She gasped at the horrible sight. Quickly she reached for her book, flipping through its pages for the counter spell. Just then the a strong force slammed her against the wall.
Contance: thats just a drop in the bucket!! She whirled her hands in the air, making ball of fire. She directed the ball to Trix.
Trix: pheeeewww she poured spittle on the ball. It was neutralised. Watch out old woman!! She kicked her leg in the air. A centre table struck the witch. Trix smiled.
Constance: WTF! She wasn’t expecting that. A couch struck her just when she was regaining her strength. She fell again.
Trix: she picked the huge book from the floor. The page was already opened. “aye…” she swallowed back her words the book was snatched from her. She felt an invisible robe tieing her down. Her body was getting weak. She opened her mouth to speak, words weren’t coming out.
Constance: bítch! Thats your end. Well, lets say hi to your friend.
I kicked the door real hard, it still refused to open.
Me: isn’t there any other entrance?
Veeko: i’m afraid none.
Just then the whole place started shaking, crates were breaking. The wall was threatening to fall on us. An unusual wind erupted.