Son Of The Orb. Episode 28


I was late for school today. I overslept, dad left so early. Well i have no idea why.
I took a cab to school. By the time i arrived, mrs Lance was already teaching.
I stood metres away from the doorpost. I really haven’t been late to school before. Mrs lance see me as a good kid. She’d complimented on many occasions. Geez! I don’t want that reputation ruined, i stood there watching her teach, i paid no attention to her words tho.
Suddenly, i felt a tap on my right shoulder. I was startled!
Me: huh??? #eyes widen.
Vera: hi! Smile.
Vera was a classmate. She’s one of the smartest girls in the class, well not as smart of Trix. Of course Trix use her powers to read the teacher’s manuscripts before tests.
I tend to be melancholic in class, i hardly talked, the longest conversation i ever had with Vera was platonic pleasantries.
Me: your late!!! I said with a smirk.
Vera: look who’s talking. I aint late, took permission to get something.
Me: hmmm….guess i’m the only one without excuse.
Vera: c’mon lets go in.
Me: hahahaha no way, you go ahead.
Vera: i won’t go in without you.
Me: your welcome to stay. Your highness. I said bowing slightly.
Vera: seriously. I’m serious about this. Before i knew it, she’d dragged me to the doorpost.
Me: aaaaaaarrrgggh you’d get it from me!! I whispered, drawing her ear.
Vera: she only smiled.
Mrs lance: she was teaching when suddenly she heard noise from behind. She turned immediately. You two! What are you doing over there?
Me: busted! I don’t know what to say. Silence was the best option.

Vera: ma’am, i went back home to get a text book.
Mrs lance: yes i know that. How about you, ethan?
Me: uh…erm….
Vera: he accompanied me. She said, winking at me.
Mrs lance: well, you’ve lost half your lesson. I won’t go over it again. She motioned us to go in.
Me: i walked to my seat, beside Trix and Frank.
Trix: what is he doing with that bìtch? She thought silently.

Soon the morning lessons were over. Trix didn’t talk about going to the cafeteria. Quit unusual.
Me: Trix, aint you going out?
Trix: not after i show you this! She said, hitting a huge book on the desk.
Me: whats that? Lemme guess history of the world?
Trix: how lame. #smirk. It contains counter spells, the witch is using dark magic.
Me: magic? Like magic is still practiced in the 21st century?!
Trix: she flipped the pages, stopping at page 1501, almost the middle of the book. It had diagrams in black and white. Burning garlic would bring down her stronghold.
Me: wow! So simple.
Trix: don’t get it twisted. Burning garlic can only grant us entrance. It won’t weaken her powers.
Me : geeez!
Veeko: hey guys! He said with a smile.
Trix & i: veeko!!!
Me: where have you been?
Veeko: watching my dad. He’s really suffering in there.
Trix: don’t worry Vee, you’d be released sooner.
Veeko: hope so.
Me: we shall go to your house later today.
Veeko: thanks guys. Your the best!!!