Son Of The Orb. Episode 27


Veeko gave me his home address. I lay on the bed, with my eyes closed trying to get a picture of the house whist memorising its address.
All efforts proved abortive, i could see surrounding houses but the particular house was pitch black, not even its roof or flowers were visible. Maybe there is something veeko isn’t telling us! I opened my eyes and dailed Trix’s line, it didn’t ring long before she answered.
Trix: thinking about me?? #smile.
Me: you bet! Hey uhmmm i couldn’t locate Veeko’s house, everything’s dark.
Trix: pheeeew! Hang on, i’d get back to you. With that she hung up.

she leaned her jaw on her left palm, her long hair was neatly packed with black ribbon. She thought about it for minutes. Yeeeaah!!! She yelled out of the blues. Her mum would definitely have a good idea.
She used her eyes to open the door.
Trix: jeez! I’m so weak, wish i could teleport!!!
She walked down the corridor. To her mum’s room, she wasn’t there. Her mum hardly go out, she should be in the reading room! Trix strode to the reading room, her mum, Ariel was reading under an orange lampstand.
Ariel: she heard the door open, alarmed, she raised her head. Bella! I’ve warned you never to interrupt.
Trix: she sat on a stool beside her mum. Sorry mum.
Ariel: frown# what is it you want? Have you squandered you money?
Trix: shoke her head. Remember the witch i told you about? Ethan couldn’t locate her house.
Ariel: she sat upright. And why is that?
Trix: dunno. He said the house was shielded in thick darkness.

Ariel: smile#
trix: it aint funny!
Ariel: she didn’t utter a word, she moved to a shelve, retrieving an old grim coated book.
She is using dark powers, its the deadliest of powers ever known.

Trix: how did you know that?
Ariel: don’t underestimate your mother. Here this book contains counter spells. It had worked in the past. It however was abandoned. Its believed that dark powers don’t exist in this age.
Trix: the book was very huge. Her eyes widened.
I’m i to read the whole of this?
Ariel: the least you can do! It aint easy bringing down a stronghold.
Trix: #fake smile. Thanks mum. Mhuuuaaah, she was at the door when her mum called out.
Ariel: Trix?
Trix: yes?
Ariel: i can’t guarantee you 100% efficiency, the book hadn’t been in use for over three decades.
Trix: hmmmm

she’ve watched Bellatrix grow. She knew her child was special, with an impeccable future. A voice told her that, when she was still 6months pregnant.
Ariel was from a royal family, her dad was a king, her grandfather a sage. He’d passed the huge book to her, it was a book he used in cleansing his kingdom of dark powers