Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 9


I gradually looked around to see a huge number of blue ray kids.
Ren: long time no see dashiel!
Me: uhmm perhaps you are someone i should know?
Ren: well right now is not exactly the time for introductions, and for that reason am gonna have to skip that part.
Me: so what part are we in i asked smiling.
Ren: your doom!
Me: hahah seriously, if you dont mind me asking mr. If am correct am the one you are looking for, why do you have such a huge number of accomplice?
Ren: nice sense of humour huh?? This time there is no escape for you dashiel!! Seize him!!!! He yelled.
Me: haha not when have got legs to run, like a lightening i cloaked isaiah and trix, before teleporting.
Ren: d–n it!! He got away!!
Girl: gave him a soft tap on the shoulder with a smile. Dont get uneasy now, am sure he lives around. Finding him wont be much of a stress now.
We all appeared in dad’s farm after a few second.
Isaiah: whoa!! What just happened.
Me: you are safe! I said smiling abit.
Trix: ethan am so sorry, i was myself and……..
Isaiah: yeah blacked out.
Me: i noticed too i said with a smile. Are you guys ok??
Isaiah: that depends on what you mean by the word ok.
Me: is there sometime you wanna tell me.
Isaiah: now that they know for sure you are here, they’d stop at nothing until they find you! We need to stop them now!
Me: easy man! You guys need some rest first. Have got some chores to finish and breakfast to consume. Besides am still serving mum’s punishment, it all has to wait.
Isaiah: are you for real ethan??
Me: uh-uh
Isaiah: maybe i need to remind you, who you are and why you are here! Its you duty to protect innocent people from getting hurt!
Me: thats the point! Am not ready for any fight now! The last time i checked am not even ready to be this dashiel whatever y’all want me to be.
Isaiah: you cant change that fact ethan!! Rather than serving momma’s punishment you could man up and face those kids head on.
Me: am not running away, am only saying i need more time. The last thing i want is to engage in a battle i’d lose.
Isaiah: and time is what we dont have ethan. Right now you think you are safe in this farm, it only gonna take a while before they tears this place apart! Just like they did to my home town. Its only a matter of time before they fish you out of your hole.
Trix: Guys!! Guys!! This is no time to argue!
Isaiah: yeah you are right, i guess am gonna have to find a way of preventing them from hurting innocent people. He said before walking away.
Trix: he is right ethan
Me: i know trix, i feel like am gonna die even before the battle begins! I need breakfast!
Trix: exhaling, i think am with isaiah on this one she said walking away.
I carressed the white puppy, lying peacefully in my arms.
Me: i guess am stuck with you. I walked back into the living room to see dad and mum at the dinning having there breakfast.
Mum: ethan! What took you so long!! She yelled abit.
Dad: and where did you get a puppy?
Me: uhmm i found it along the street on my way back, almost ran over by a car.
Mum: oooh that nice of you!
Me: so i can keep it right?
Mum: nope! Just feed it and let it go.
Me: alright! Alright am really starving. I quickly rushed to the kitchen grabbed some sauce and a few slice of toasted bread. Pounced on it, in less than a minute i was done as a breath down in relief.
I turned to see the puppy staring at me.
Me: i guess you are hungry i said with a smile. I got a bowl of milk and laid it at its feet as it pounced on it excitedly.
I walked back to the sitting room to see mum and dad, watching only God knows what.
Me: mum, dad!
Yes ethan they chorused with there eyes glued on the screen.
Me: uhmm can i go out for a while plssss…..I wasnt done with the question and suddenly there was a news flash.
Rather than a regular newscaster rens face was visibly showing.
Ren: i know you’d be seeing this! Dashiel!! You……he was about saying something when i heard a familiar voice from the background.
Me: omg!! Trix!!
Mum: whats wrong ethan!
Me: i have to go now i said running out of the house and teleported before anyone could say a word.