Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 8


Trix: i dont know who you are talking about!! She yelled angrily.
Boy: *smiles* you are way too pretty for lies!! He yelled a bit, his eyes went all blue. And then the branch which curled around trix began to tightened up.
Trix: aaarrrgh!! She yelled in pains as its grip on her fastened.
Boy: where is dashiel!
Trix: scoffs! You’d get nothing from me! She yelled in pains.
Boy: we’d see about that he said with a smile as thorns began to grow on the branch.
Trix: this time the pains she felt were more severe. She yelled so loud, as the sharp thorns pierced her skin.
Isaiah: hey!! Kid!! Leave her alone!! He spoke up for the first time
Boy: he turned slowly facing isaiah as the thorns which grew on the branch holding trix disappeared. Talking to me?
Isaiah: you aint deaf!! He yelled angrily as he felt strength building up in him.
Boy: he walked slowly to were isaiah stood when someone interupted.
Girl: Ren!! Quit the chit chat! And make her talk!
Ren: right!!
They stepped backward abit holding hands as they formed a circle around them.
Trix: what are they up to?? She whispered looking really scared.
Isaiah: i have no idea!
They chanted some few strange words over and over.
Isaiah: he tried whispering back a few words to bella when he noticed her pupils were no more. Bella! He called softly but got no reply. Bella!!!!
Ren: she cant hear you!
Isaiah: what did you do to her!!!!!
Girl: she’s in a catatonic state.
Ren: you are gonna answer my question truthfully!
Trix: nodding in agreement.
Ren: who is dashiel?
Trix: my friend, he is called ethan!
Ren: smiling, he raised his hands as the branch untied her. Lead us to dashiel.
She walked like a completely hypnotized person while isaiah stared like he was watching a real life movie on cinema.
I was up early today to begin my morning chores, or should i say punishment. I cleaned the house fed the horses, after disposing there dungs properly. And now its time to dispose the garbage, when i saw mum walk out of the house.
Mum: morning sweedie she said smiling.
Me: obviously she was just waking up, i could tell she was having a really good time. Goodmorning mum i said dryly. Your hair looks messy mum.
Mum: thats because i just got out of bed she said with a smile. Ooh is that the garbage you are holding?
Me: yup!
Mum: alright go ahead dont let me stop you. I better go back to bed! She said imitating me.
Me: mum!! Thats not how i talk!
Mum: i know she said smiling, go ahead son.
Me: ok and mum! please dont forget breakfast for me this time.
Mum: yawning! Oh thats true, well you need not worry ethan. Cos you’re gonna have to make breakfast yourself.
Me: mum!!
Mum: alright! Alright hurry up now ethan! She said smiling before going back in.
Great now i have to make breakfast. I walked to the garbage dump, just down the street. I kept hissing at the thought of going back home and making breakfast. Right now i was really starving.
After walking for a while i got to the dump and tossed the garbage in.
I was heading home when i bumbed into a little white puppy, it seemed to have lost its way. And almost got crushed by a car.
I quickly walked close to it, bent abit as i beckoned on it to come. It took while and then finally it decided to come over. It was really cute and hairy as i carried it in my arms. Its white fur where really awesome.
Me: having another pet wont be a bad idea i thought smiling as i stood up to leave with it my arms. Just then i saw a really huge number of cute teens in front of me. All in thesame outfit except for trix and Isaiah.
Trix: dashiel she said pointing at me.
Me: huuuh! Trix! she would never call me that, she really didnt seem like her self too.
Ren: thank you he whispered into her ears and she was back to herself.
Trix: for what?? She asked abit confused when she saw ethan standing right in front of them.
Ren: he grinned evily.
Trix: no! i didnt bring you guys here did i?? she asked almost close to tears.
Me: i stared at them a bit confused when isaiah screamed.
Isaiah: run!! Ethan run!!! He was still yelling when he got hit by a blue firey ball.
Me: blue ray!! I yelled a bit as my eyes popped open.