Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 10


Trix and Isaiah stood ready to fight when they saw the blue rays
beating up a presenter.
Trix: leave him alone!! She yelled as they all turned.
Ren: woow look who we have here! And where is your friend?
Isaiah: gone! Now we’re gonna have to kick your freaking asses
back to where they came from!
Ren: pretty tough huh!!
Trix: bring it on!! She said with a tightened fist.
Ren: get them!! He yelled when 2boys stepped forward, with their eyes emitting blue lights.
Trix: are you ready she whispered.
Isaiah: lets get them!! He said as they yelled charging forward.
Both boys rained fire balls on them while trix stopped them with an invisible wall of wind. Just when there were close, she raised her hands sending the ball back to them. They tried dodging but the attack was too sudden. They got hit before they could even move a muscle. Isaiah pounced on one as trix burnt the other with hot
Ren: hmmm impressive!! I guess i underestimated you guys!
Trix: enough of the talk!! She said swinging a sharp end metal into his chest.
Ren: he pulled it angrily get them he roared!!! As they ran towards
them like they were gonna fight a huge number of spatan.
For the first i was grateful i arrived so early. I saw the agressive looks on there faces. Just then i appeared in front of trix
and Isaiah as the whole army halted.
Isaiah: i thought you aint coming??
Me: uhmmm actually i think i just had a mode swing.
Trix: time to fight!!
Me: seriously we cant defeat them head on!!
Isaiah: we aint running either!
Me: just follow my lead i said with a smile.
Trix: hope you’ve had breakfast she said chuckling abit.
Ren: good thing you are here dashiel. Makes the job alot more easier! Now you’re gonna be be crushed together with your friends.
Me: we’d see about that.
They resumed attack again, but this time i rained fire balls on them. While trix halted theirs in the air. A few fell to the ground, just when they close to hitting us. We vanished and then appeared behind them.
Ren: cowards!!!! He yelled angrily.
Me: hey idiots!! The fight is just getting started!!
I ran towards them with my palms glowing and my pupil all red. I got in the midst of the them. Swinging hard punches causing them to land over 5km away from the battle ground.
It continued for hours, i kept hitting and teleporting. Trix and
Isaiah fought together. In less than no time they were all
Me: *smiling* giving someone a good beating really feels great.
Ren: its not over dashiel!! He yelled as they all stood like zombies! Unhurt.
Me: this time i was shocked.
Ren: now is our turn!!! They muttered strange words over and over. Just then a strong wind was felt.
Me: i felt them getting stronger by the minute.
Trix: what are they up to!!!
Me: i have no idea! But what ever it is, i think its making them stronger!!
Isaiah: lets get them now!! We rush toward them when a strong wind almost blew us away. I was fast to stop it with my
glowing palms as i pushed
foward harder to get over. But its seems to be preventing us from getting to them.
Me: i yelled angrily as my hand lit up in flames. I cut through
imediately, when some strange branch began to curl around us. I tried burning them of but they seemed immune to magic.
Rens: dashiel! he said as he voice echoed! I bring you doza’s greetings!! He said grinning. When a mighty blue snake, broke forcefully out of the ground as it gave an enraged snare at us.
Trix: omg!! She yelled trying to untie her self.
Rens: smiling now you gonna watch you friends die first!
The huge snake moved towards trix. With its tongue dancing to an unknown rhythm!! And then its mouth was opened wild to swallow its prey.
Me: heeeey!! Its me! You want now leave her alone.
Rens: hahahah there is nothing you can do dashiel. Just wait until it gets to your turn.
Me: i watch the huge snake who seemed not to be in a hurry to eat his well prepared meal. Am warning you for the last time!!!! I roared and suddenly my eyes went all reddish like a hot magma.
They didnt seem to be paying attention to anything i was saying. The snake moved his huge jaws slowly to were she was.
Trix: she was looking really petrified as steams of sweat gathered around her face. Ethan help me plsss!! She said in tears.
This time my whole body emitted hot flames as i angrily reap those branches off. At this point i was drifting in the sky.
Me: i warned you!!!! I yelled as fire kept oozing out of my mouth.
The snake look pretty angry too but who cares, like a lightening i was on top of its head. Rainied thousands of brain crushing punches on it and then it vanished. I was about breathing down in relief when, rope like deadly snake bit my neck.
Me: ouch!! I yelled abit holding the spot like nothing happened, when i realized i couldnt move!