Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 11


This time ethan’s mum lost interest in their movie. As she paced back and forth wondering were ethan went.
Spencer: calm down honey!! We have to wait for him to get back.
Katherine: i cant calm down spencer i feel like he’s gonna get into trouble.
Spencer: trust me its just your feeling he said holding her.
Katherine: right now she wished he was right, but then theres nothing more she could do than wait.
All effort to move my body seemed useless. Right now wasnt the time to give up, i kept persisting when i heard ren’s
Ren: save your strength dashiel! Theres nothing you can do now! He said laughing weirdly.
Trix: ethan is something wrong?
Me: i cant move anymore!
Isaiah: thats outrageous!
Me: am not kidding isaiah.
Ren: chuckled! I never thought you could be this foolish! I’d save my strength if i were you, you know.
Me: good thing you aint me!
Ren: he drifted his gaze back to the high-tech watch he had on. Its
time!! He yelled as there palm transformed into a sword. This time you are gonna be history!! They all charge towards us angrily.
While i stood there, i felt something really weird happening
right inside my body. I felt the sudden urge to cough and when i did, it was accompanied by blood, extremely dark.
Isaiah: hey!! Are you ok??
Trix: ethan!!
Me: i dont think so i murmured. My strength seem to be drained through an invisible channel.
This time the blue ray armies where pretty close.
Me: am sorry trix i said closing my eyes, when i realized they were
gonna get to me in less than no time. My eyes were tight close for
some minutes and i didnt feel any pain as a result of there sword
plunging into my skin.
I slowly opened my eyes to see a boy probably in his 20’s,
dressed nicely on an italian tux. With 2 medivial sword behind him and a face mask like the 21st century ninja. He stood facing the army.
Ren: who are you!!!
Man: An enemy
Ren: then you die!! He said as they got out there sword to attack.
Man: my pleasure he replied as he stood ready.
Just when they were close enough, he got out his sword which had a lazer like effect. In one strike, the kids in front vanished and then they halted.
Ren: why are you interfering!!! Who are you!!
Man: just a warrior in need of war he said smiling, evidently shown by the curvy ends on his mask.
Ren: he stretched out his arm and then it formed a sword. This will be your last he said as they resumed attacks again.
But then the unknown guy was pretty skillful, he did some really impressive stunts, taking out a huge number of the army. Which got them even more angrier.
Man: thats the spirit kids he said softly. You guys are just no match
for me! He said putting his sword back in its shealth. Its time to get
He got in the midst of them, his attack were quick and precise.
His hits were pretty strong, he moved like the wind. While they fought i felt my self lossing consciousness by the minute. Just then the branch holding trix and isaiah released them as they rushed imediately to were i stood.
Isaiah: ethan!! He said giving me soft tap when he got a severe burnt.
Trix: what just happened?? She asked confused after witnessing the weird scene.
Isaiah: i just got burnt.
Trix: she tried touching him too and suffered the same effect.
You have to fight this ethan i said to my self, shutting my eyes
imediately. I look so deep inside just like i did when i was caught up in flames. I could feel myself lossing consciousness. Somehow i felt i could find a way out of it. I got bitten by a magical snake and right now i was suppose to feel its powerful venom in me but i wasnt.
When i couldnt find anything, then i realized what it was. The
pain, the fear and the snake non of it was real. Its just like making
body sleep while i am awake! And the effect it trigered, were all
fueled by one thing! My fear for doza!!!
Me: i opened my eyes forcefully angrily to see the same dude giving them a good beating. Then i saw ren trying to get away! I quickly teleported in front of
Ren: how did you??
Me: recover!! Now is time to recieve a message from dashiel i said grabbing him by the neck as my palm went red hot like magma.
Ren: aaaaagggrrrh he screamed before turning into a black smoke and disappeared.
I exhaled in relief, turning to see the dude staring at me. I
didnt black out completely, i knew he was helpful. I walked over to
say hi.
Me: thanks!
Man: taking off his mask as his hair fell foward, covering his cute
face. You’ve lost your gym dashiel.