Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 12


Me: uhmm mind my manners, are you perhaps someone i should know??
Man: he gave him a close look, like uhmm you dont recall anything from before?
Me: from before you mean….
Man: uh-uh
Me: nope
Man: interesting, rumors are true after all. See you some other time man. He said giving me a soft tap about to leave.
Me: wait!!! I called out! Who are you!
Man: he gave a cute smile, and why should i tell you??
Me: thats because i asked!!
Man: hahaha you are still thesame afterall. He said walking back to were i stood. Am linshiel your only cousin he said extending his hands for a shake.
Me: cousin??? I asked abit shocked
Linshiel: thats right dude, although i think its kinda old fashioned you know, he said with a smile.
Me: uhmm i think its cool but how is it i heard nothing about you??
Just then boreas interupted.
Boreas: greetings my lord, sorry i came a bit late. He said kneeling.
Linshiel: on hearing boreas voice his eyes light up in flames obviously out of rage. Like a flash he gave him(boreas) a really hard punch, which sent him crashing really hard on the wall of a warehouse 10km away. Like a flash he teleported, grabbing him by the neck.
Linshiel: you fool!!!! He yelled angrily about crushing his brain with a hard punch when i cloaked him.
Me: hey!! He’s a friend!
Linshiel: who cares!!
Me: i do!
Boreas: he stood behind ethan.
Linshiel: its only a matter of time boreas! Before you pay with your own life! You knew she was innocent and yet you killed her.
Boreas: i was acting under doza’s instruction!!
Linshiel: to hell with doza!!
Me: who did you kill i asked boreas.
Boreas: some lady he was leaving with a long time ago. You cant trust him ethan he turned his back on everyone. And found his way to earth.
Me: why??
Boreas: the only thing he cares about is himself dashiel.
Me: how long has he been here?
Boreas: i really dont know but i wont be wrong to say its been over a thousand years.
Linshiel still maintained his angry stare on boreas from a distant.
Linshiel: its not over!! He said turning his back to leave.
Me: are you just gonna leave like that?
Linshiel: those evil kids destroy my house! I only came to teach them some lessons! My business here is done.
Me: and what about doza!
Linshiel: hahaha! He laughed weirdly doza! Doza!! Doza!! Thats your problem not mine. I have to leave now if you still want that piece of thrash standing next to you, to keep existing.
Me: are you gonna run this time! I said not realizing when those words flew out of my mouth.
Linshiel: he halted, in the end dashiel you’d realize am the wisest. But i feel great pity for you! You know why? You have no idea what you are up against.
Trix and isaiah who has been listening walked to were i stood.
Isaiah: you cant just leave!
Linshiel: he turned to see who, and for the first time he took notice of ethan’s friends. Hmmm i see you have quite some friends.
Trix: thats right!
Linshiel: this is so laughable, i cant believe you all were gonna get a really nice beating from those kids.
Me: they’ve got skills!
Linshiel: chuckled of course they do! This isnt a child’s play dashiel, even if there were 10 of you dashiel. You would never defeat doza.
Boreas: you shouldnt take his words seriously dashiel he said speaking up for the first time. Which only seemed to anger linshiel. He is nothing but a traitor!!
Me: boreas!! I yelled angrily
Linshiel: one more word from you and i swear they are gonna be your last.
Me: its no time to battle word! Its time to stop doza!!
Linshiel: and that again has nothing to do with me. I’ll be leaving now. He was about walking away.
Me: for the first time since all this began i saw someone who could be of help. I quickly held him by the shoulder.
Me: i know there’s probably somethings you’d rather want to attend to right now. I know you have all the right and power to do whatever you want to. But right now linshiel have got a responsibility way bigger than me. I need all the help you can get and as family linshiel i wished you’d help me…plsss……
Linshiel: stared at him for a while, am sorry man am not ready to get involved and then he teleported.