Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 13


I felt so disappointed, perhaps i got my hopes to high. But then i couldnt help it, i mean i couldnt help but see a whole new possibility of having a pretty great ally. It really feels awful!
Just then i felt trix arms around me.
Trix: maybe his right afterall, maybe you are the only one who can face doza.
Me: i turned to meet her gaze, am glad you are alright!
Trix: me too she said with a smile, i thought you got hurt you know.
Me: yeah i was but am fine now i said with a smile as she gave me a peck.
When it seemed like the lovebirds has forgotten Isaiah who stood afew distance away, he had to feign coughs to call there attention.
Isaiah: uhmm good thing everyone is alright. I mean am fine too, thanks for not asking he said with smile as we returned the smile.
Me: am glad you are ok too.
Boreas: forgetting someone! he said with a slight wave.
Me: you didnt get into any fight, oopss or maybe you did.
Boreas: i’d rather call it a beating, he corrected as we all burst in laughter.
We chatted for a while as we strolled down in search of trix car.
Me: boreas why did you kill her i asked.
Boreas: by her i suppose you mean lin’s friend?
Me: uh-uh
Boreas: sometimes we do things we aint proud of. Well linshiel has always been the man for the ladies. I never thought he had a special bond with her. Just then He paused abit, as his eyes darkened abit. Am sorry my lord, i have to go now. He said before leaving.
After a long walk we found bella’s car. We got in imediately, she was gonna drop me off after isaiah insisted he would stay in a motel for a while.
I got home a few minutes later, abit tired, i knew this first welcome i was gonna get was a really serious question and answering session, which i wasnt in the mood for. I exhaled abit before stepping in.
Just when katherine saw him walked in, she rushed over hugging like he was gonna disappear under her watch. Right now she’d give anything to make ethan a normal child and not some dashiel crab of some wizard or whatever.
Me: i knew she was so worried, and even when i wasnt in the mood for such display of affection i had to stay calm as she kept squeezing me gently.
Mum: i was so worried ethan where have been!! She asked letting go of me.
Me: uhmm its kinda a long story mum. Can we talk about it later plss……i need to rest abit
Mum: alright ethan we can talk about it later. She said with distress in her voice as i ascended the stairs to my room.
Dad gently strolled to were she stood, gave her a soft squeeze on her right arm.
Spencer: he is fine now he said assuringly.
Katherine: she just couldnt keep her emotions in check anymore. Like a lightening she gave him a really hard hug as she cried profusely.
Spencer: thats enough he said trying to make her stop. It hurts him so bad seeing her cry.
Katherine: i think he’s growing way to fast spencer, i really hate the idea of him not being normal. It hurts me to know that one day he’s gonna have to leave. I cant stand the fact he might one day get hurt out there! spencer!. I wish i could ground for ever, i know its weird but i can be that selfish. That way i dont get scared of lossing my baby. She said amidst sobs.
Spencer: i know you are really worried honey. I also want you should know the child we raised is strong and brave. Now isnt the time to wish things happened differently honey, is time to work things out as family. Am sure he needs our help a whole lot now.
I climbed into my room, laid tiredly on my bed. As i went through the day’s invent in my head.
First i was told my real father was some super human or should i say a good wizard?. Next i knew i had a powerful evil uncle who wants me dead. And now a selfish cousin who’d rather go his own way than help me.
I was so lost in thought trying to fathom how i ever got a family as weird as that, when wonderful people like my foster parents existed. I wondered what kind of event took place in sesium. And how things became this complicated. But the more i brainstormed about it, the more complicated it became. The more i tried to understand it, the more unanswered questioned i found.
Why do i have to be involved in all this, i mean if there’s anyone who needs to face doza. I think thats should be my real dad and not me, standing up to his brother shouldnt be a problem.
After meeting with linshiel it became obvious i existed somewhere before. But how did i ever become a child, how did i even lose memories from my previous life. Could it be my evil uncle cast an evil spell on me, tcchh! Thats outrageous.
Now i have to start all over again. Perhaps could this be a second chance? If it is how do i avoid making the same mistakes all over again. This time i was begining to get all worked up. There were just too many lines to connect with limited source of knowledge.