Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 14


After long hours of thinking which lead me into a deep sleep until i lost count of time.
Just then i heard mom’s voice.
Mum: honey its time for dinner.
Me: am coming mum i said stretching. Did i sleep that much i thought. Then i guess i skipped lunch i murmured.
I walked down for breakfast to see dad and mum already seated.
I quickly joined them as we all ate in silence.
While mum kept staring at me from time to time.
I recognized those looks, she knew something was going on and she wants to hear every single bit of it. Seeing how worried she looked. I decided i was gonna explain everything to her before she die of worry.
Just when we were done with dinner i decided to give mum a little helping hand. I cloaked the plates into the kitchen. With the thought the dish washer, in my head. Just when i thought my job was done! Easy and efficient as usuall, not until we heard a shattering sound.
Mum: Ethan!!!
Me: we all know the weird look we give when we try to do something perfectly and efficient, just to realize you screwed up badly. Eehmm mum…i said shyly praying those words capable of breaking my heart “your grounded” doesnt fly out of her mouth.
Mum: i guess you have something to say?
Me: uhmm i think i should go clean that mess up.
Mum: yeah you probably should she said with folded arm.
I quickly hurried to the kitchen, first i had to check how it got broken and then i realized it was perhaps placed wrongly, like sitting the butt of the on the thin edge of the washer.
I gathered the broken pieces and then disposed. Soon i was done with the cleaning i hurried back to the dinning to see mum still sitting alone. Perhaps dad was in his room.
Mum: i guess you are done?
Me: yeah and am really……i was about apologizing cos the last thing i wanted was to be grounded right now.
Mum: thats alright ethan, i know you’ve been stressed out lately.
Me: huuh!! I yelled in my head in suprise, like am not grounded right, i asked again to be absolutely sure.
Mum: absolutely not she said with a smile.
Me: it was like a heavy weight was lifted of my chest! I quickly hugged her smiling. You have no idea how much i hate that word!
Mum: hahaha thats because you are the victim ethan. Just wait until you’re grown up, when you’re gonna yell those words to your kids. Just then you’re gonna realize how good it feels.
Me: mum!!! I called out making funny.
Mum: what?
Me: so i guess it feels good seeing those frustrated looks on my face when ever you say those word right?
Mum: your word not mine hahah
Me: mum i know you do! Haha i see the way you smile when you say that.
Mum: really??
Me: yes mum and its super cute, i think you should try it with dad sometimes.
Mum: huuuh!! Ethan?? Seriously? She said with a smile.
Me: ofcourse mum, just imagine walking in your room and then he turns to look at you. Just take a few calculated step towards him i bet his gonna smile, throw you hair backwards, with folded arms. And then say honey you are grounded with a super flirty smile..
Mum: haha alright alright! am already tired of laughing ethan. Now were did learn that?
Me: uhmm hahah mum!! I think am thirsty.
Mum: smiling alright then she said pouring me a glass of water now drink up.
Me: i wasnt thirsty but then i had to drink.
Mum: smiling i thought you were thirsty. She said giving those weird looks.
Me: oooh come on! Mum! You really should stop doing that to me.
Mum: chuckling! Speaking of flirty? I havent seen your friend lately?
Me: which one of them?
Mum: hahaha swear you dont know.
Me: aaaarrrghh mum seriously am gonna die if you keep this up.
Mum: die?? Are you kidding me she said hitting my arm.
Me: aaaww!!
Mum: i guess its really easy for you to keep running into danger on your own right? I was gonna have a migrane because of you today.
Me: aaaww sweet mum! I didnt mean to make you worry i said touching her cheek but obviously she was a bit pissed.
Mum: so are you gonna tell me or you’d make me ask?
Me: i was gonna tell you.
Mum: was?? you had better start talking son!