Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 15


I narrated the day’s event to mum, who was bent on taking me to a doctor. Perhaps there could be some venom left in your system. Those were her words
After a bit of arguement which i ended up winning. She became a bit convince am alright. And then i went straight bed after giving her a goodnight kiss.
He was back in new orleans those crazy kids made his wonderful house a really huge mess.
He stood just at the extrance as the day’s event kept replaying in his head. Rumors were true after all he thought.
This wasnt the kind of life he wanted! Doza made him this way. Gaine was suppose to help him, but how could he when he cant even do that for his son.
He’s been moving from country to country, that way no one see him as a super human. And that way its gonna take a really long time before doza finds him.
And now that dashiel is here on earth, doza wont stop until he is completely destroyed even when that means the destruction of every human life and then its gonna be a matter of time before he finds me too. Those thought
kept playing in his head.
Linshiel: am left with 2 options now, move pretty far away from here. Or join dashiel. D–n!! He yelled both options were crazy. He was gonna live here for almost a lifetime and thats why he got a house as huge as this. And dashiel who wouldnt last a minute in a real battle.
Aaaaarrrrghh!!! He yelled in fustration. When his eyes found a broken frame. He picked it up and carefully removed the glasses.
Fixing his gaze on the only picture he had of his mum.
He was just a teenager, mum and dad had just returned from a royal
gathering. While he sat on his bed as usual reading his favourite
dragon tales. What ever happened at the meeting he had no idea. When it was fully dark doza and his fierce army payed us an unfriendly visit.
His dad being a warrior fought so had to protect his family but they were too many of them. He had to create and excape route for his family. They quickly fleed into the thick forest to take shelter
unknowing to them they had companies.
Mum tried using her powers against them, but this men were trained warriors and she wasnt. They drove a lazer sword through her heart. I angrily lifted a log of wood to fight back but mum would never leave the fate of her only son to chance. She cloaked me! And then i found myself falling into a deep ocean. I knew she was dead, her wish was
for me to go to her brother gaine.
And then i heard her voice for the last time, right inside the ocean.
“Lin my son! No matter what happens survive!”
He kept his gaze fixed on the photo as tears ran down his cheek. As he watched to the scene in his head all over again.
From that day he was so determine to survive for his mum, who died saving him, no matter how. Even when it means taking the enemy side for a while. And that how he lived all this years after faking his death he fleed to earth.
Linshiel: mum have be living like you told me to, have been trying to survive. But lin isnt a kid anymore. Theres no point running until am out of places to run too mum. This time doza will pay!! He yelled.
Its a beautiful morning, i woke up feeling really great and happy. I got out of bed did my chores, when i was done i washed up and was ready for breakfast.
After a really wonderful breakfast with mum and dad i was back to my room to talk to trix.
Me: i sat on my bed with my legs crossed as i followed the path to trix house in my head, to see her seating on her bed. With her hands on her cheek. Looks like someone wants to see me.
Trix: ethan!! Seriously i was gonna kill you if today went by without a chat.
Me: aaaw sorry about that mum just wont let me use my powers.
Trix: how about you come over she said with a smile, i dont want a voice a chat.
Me: uhm alright am coming right away. I quickly adjusted my cloths and hair in front of the mirror. Good to go i said heading downstairs.
Mum: And were is he going?
Me: to see a friend i wont be late mum.
Mum: of cos you wont ethan she with a smile.
Me: thanks mum.
Mum: uh-uh not when you are grounded.
Me: i thought i was forgiven for breaking those plates.
Mum: of course ethan, what kind of mum would i be given you an extra punishment.
Me: that means………
Mum: your other punishment is still valid, which means no outting! She said with a smile.