Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 16


Seriously this time i wasnt ready for any arguement, i had to hit my reverse botton and walked back to my room without a word.
Spencer who was heading out of the basement saw ethan going back upstairs, with his eyes fixed on the stairs like he was counting them.
Dad: honey whats wrong with that kid?
Mum: nothing much he was just about going out and then i had to remind him he was still grounded.
Dad: hahah seriously honey you should let that kid have fun.
Mum: he has to complete his punishments.
Dad: then you’d wait patiently for him to screw up again and then…………
Mum: alright alright i wont do that this time she said with a smile as he gave a peak before walking away.
Its been 2hours since he said he told he was coming right away!! Come on! dont tell me you dont teleport anymore? She thought.
She was up from her bed to get a cold glass of water.
Bella: seriously you aint gonna show up after getting my hopes up. She unconsciously said.
Mum: who isnt gonna show up??
Bella: she turned a bit shocked! Ooh nothing mum just practicing some line i heard in a movie.
Mum: and whats the name of the move.
Bella: love and hate why asking?
Mum: nothing just curious she said walking away.
She exhaled deeply as she took a walk to her room.
Bella: i swear am gonna kill you ethan!!
Mum: aahaaa!!! I heard that, i knew it was just a matter of time before i catch you red handed.
Bella: mum what are you doing here?
Mum: what movie is it gonna be this time?? Perhaps bella and ethan?
Bella: mum seriously were you spying on me?
Mum: *smiles* am you mum bella, i know you can be stubborn, outspoken and even troublesome at times. I saw you looking all worked up i knew something was wrong. And bella when next you want to lie me, you should try thinking of something better.
Bella: looking at her mum abit dumbfounded.
Mum: just when she got to the door, she turned abit and when you feel like talking about it you know where to find me.
Aaaarrgh!! She yelled abit before collapsing on her bed.
Perhaps he got stuck or something maybe i’d just wait abit more. She said to herself as she laid on her bed, in less than no time her eyelids finally hugged each other.
I walked straight into my room, this time i was gonna to sleep till ruin. I had to skip lunch and dinner too, i slept until i lost track of time.
It was 9:00am the following morning and ethan wasnt awake. Today was one of those days when dad would be around until mid-day.
Dad: where is ethan??
Mum: excuse me she said climbing the stairs to ethan’s room to see him still sleeping. Huuuh!! Seriously? She thought as she gave him a hard tap.
Me: stretching and rolling, leave me alone! I murmured.
Mum: its time for breakfast silly!!
Me: am not hungry.
Mum: this time she was not finding this funny. Ethan!!! She yelled abit angrily.
Me: aaaaaww stop yelling mum.
Mum: you’ve been sleeping since yesterday is time for breakfast.
Me: did you just say yesterday? Like we are in another day?
Mum: ofcourse i did.
Me: great i think i have to go back to sleep again so that i can wake up in tomorrow and then am gonna have just 2 days left i said with a smile. Falling back into my bed.
Mum: she was shocked to hear he was gonna sleep for 5days. Ethan you can sleep all you like but first you have to eat your food.
Me: i dont want to!
Mum: she knew he was doing this on purpose to make her change her mind. She knows his only waiting for the right words. And then she whispered, alright ethan you are no more grounded.
Like a flash i threw my blanket away sitting up imediately.
Me: i heard that!! I said smile
Mum: hahaahha alright are you gonna eat now.
Me: of course yes!! Am already starving.
Mum: she was about walking to the door, like i flash she was back to my bed grabbed my pillow hitting me playfully.
Me: hahaaha what crime have i committed.
Mum: thats for scaring me! she said with a smile.
I got into the shower, to clean up. Before going down for breakfast. Just when i was about eating the door bell ranged.
Dad: i’ll get it he said as mum and i both looked closely to see who.
Just then linshiel walked in.
Me: linshiel??