Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 17


He’s been in new jersey for a while now. Ever since he was little, he’s mum has always
known he was a special kid even when his powers were yet to be discovered.
The night before he’s grandma passed away he went with his mum to see her. Everyone was startled when grandma said she wants a word with her grandson.
He moved close to grandma who held his little hands in hers.
Grandma: grandma’s gonna be leaving soon Isaiah. She closed her eyes, touching his chest. You are a true guardian, i know you are just a little lad, i know its abit too
quick but when its time you’d surely understand my child. Just when she was done with those words a glowing dragon symbol appeared on his chest.
In fright he ran away, that moment grandma was found dead. Ever since, He’s been trying to understand what granny meant by ”A true guardian” but no matter how hard he tried he found himself getting even more
confused. And then one day he told his mum about it. His mum’s words to him that day is the reason he’s in NJ
Mum: there’s a written script for every life son, at first we just dont understand. But as we grow destiny sets in son. Keep an open
mind, all answer you seek lies with in your heart and one day you’ll understand.
Perhaps now is the time he thought, perhaps all the answers have been searching for is right here. He said to himself.
For 3days now ethan hasnt showed up and now she thinks he’s doing it on purpose.
Today rather than staying indoor wishing ethan was here with her. She’d rather go out for a while and have fun.
Trix: dont you dare think this is over ethan! She muttered angrily while applying make ups on her face.
Soon she was fully dressed, to go out. She said goodbye to her mum who just stared at her like she’s seen a ghost. She got to her car and drove down to the nearest eatery to have a nice meal.
She took a nice sit, when the waiter came by to take her orders, just then she saw the frank and some girl walk in. Some how
their gaze found each other. He walked down majestically to were she sat with the lady anchoring to him.
Frank: hello bella he said with a smile.
Bella: seriously i never knew you found yourself a cute date.
Frank: all thanks to you bella, this is my friend aarti i met her at your party and aarti am sure you remember bellatrix.
Aarti: of course i do she said in her indian accent.
Bella: so i guess you guys are together now like together?? She said stressing that part.
Frank: haha yes he said smiling.
And then the waiter was back with her orders in a steel tray, just then some guy with a spikey hair and cute, definitely spanish, came by.
Guy: hope you guys dont mind me sitting down here, he said a his cute eyes glittered in plea.
Bella: not at all she said with a smile.
I was really suprised to see linshiel right at my door post. I really dont recall showing him my house, how on earth did he find me? I was lost in thoughts for a short while when mum brought me back to reality with her question.
Mum: did you just say linshiel??
Me: yup
Mum: like the guy who helped you destroyed those kids?
Me: precisely!
Mum: looking abit stunned she took another precise look at him, he looks so human she whispered.
Me: a friend of mine said his been on earth for over a thousand years.
Mum: hahaha now thats gross, i mean what do you think i am?? A kid? No way! Come on lets go say hi.
We walked into the living room as dad led him to the couch.
Mum: i guess you are linshiel she said with a smile as dad gave her the you know him? Kinda look.
Linshiel: that voice!! He turned quickly to see dashiel’s mum beaming with smile. Omg!!!
He yelled taking a few step backward, lee-nora?? He called out in shock.
Me: leenora?? What are talking about thats my mum.
Linshiel: thats not possible he said still moving backward. As mum and dad gave a puzzled look.
Mum: did you just call me leenora?
Dad: hahah seriously man this is katherine my wife, ethan’s mum and not leenora or whatever!
Lin: wait a minute? You are not leenora?
Mum: nope
Lin: shocked you look just like her
Me: and who is leenora?? I asked in disgust.
Lin: your mum, your real mum!