Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 18


He sat smiling when Frank spoke up.
Frank: hey man am frank he said extending his hands for a shake
Guy: Dorenia he stressed but my friends call me Orenia he said with a smile.
Aarti: you can call me aarti she said with a smile.
Bella: bella she said simply as their gaze met, she quickly looked away.
Frank: your accent is foreign, i dont think you are from around here?.
Dorenia: smiles thats right frankie am a gypsy.
Aarti: woow have heard a whole lot about roman gypsies never knew i was gonna meet one soon she said happily.
Bella: so what are you doing so far away from home?
Dorenia: its kinda a long story but the thing is have been in this
neighbour hood for while now.
Bella: he was so charming she just couldnt help but steal glances of
him once in a while.
Dorenia: so bella do you stay around??
Bella: just a few miles away.
Dorenia: and you frank? He asked when aarti interupted.
Aarti: frank look at those she said in her indian accent. Spin and
win, lets give it a shot! She said excitedly as she pulled frank away, who followed imediately like he was remoted.
Leaving just bella and dorenia, who kept on chatting for a
while. Dorenia was quite a talker. He has almost exhausted all info
about himself in their first meeting.
Bella: all she did was laugh and laugh at the funny ways he expressed himself, right now she felt like they’ve been friends for a really long time.
They were getting along really quickly too.
Orenia: oops the day is fast spent, but i really dont want to leave
without an assurance of seeing you again.
Bella: hahah nah i dont wanna see again.
Orenia: huh!! He said as the cute smile on his face weird off.
Bella: even his sad face looks so cute, she thought.
Dorenia: then i guess i have to follow you home. Atleast i could wake you up every morning throwing stones at your window, you know.
Bella: you are so naughty she said with smile.
Dorenia: you have no idea!
Bella: show me your palm she said as he stretched out his palm.
Dorenia: he kept his gaze fixed
on her as she penned down something on his palm. Her hands were so soft, he just do
not understand, why he
was so drawn to this one girl.
Bella: call me she said standing to leave.
Orenia: can i walk you out? he asked with a smile.
Bella: that would be nice, she said as they both walked out of the
eatery to her car.
They said there good byes and then she drove away.
To say i was stunned is like calling a huge flood an erosion. What the
hell was he saying! I thought
Me: you mean my mum here looks exactly like my sesian mum?
Linshiel: nodded in bewilderment.
Mum: this time she wasnt finding any of this funny. What nonesense are you talking about. She yelled at linshiel who was looking abit scared like he’s gonna disappear without notice.
Dad: uhmm alright lets stop the questioning now and address this issue properly. Plss seat he said to linshiel who moved as far away from ethan’s mum as possible.
Dad: would you like a drink?
Lin: nope he said dryly looking really uncomfortable as
katherine stared at him.
Dad: he took noticed of this and then gave katherine the give us a
moment kind of look.
Mum: she stood up imediately to leave.
Linshiel: he wasnt sure why she was standing, but then he wasnt gonna wait to find out, he varnished.
We all gave a really puzzled look at each other. This whole thing was getting worst and complicated by the day.
Mum: where did he go!!
No idea! We both chorused.
Dad: but why is he scared of you?
Mum: i have no idea spencer, am as confused as you.
Dad: perhaps he thinks you are ethan’s real mum?
Me: or perhaps he was part of an evil plan against her and maybe his just scared nemesis is about catching up with him.
Dad: ethan! Thats not a nice conclusion.
Me: its just a suggestion i said with a smirk.
Mum: whatever it is we’d never know until he tells us. Can you find him ethan?
Me: maybe, maybe not
Dad: you have to find him ethan.
Me: alright, then i’ll go right away!
Mum: wait, when you said he’s lived over a thousand year on earth you were kidding right?
Me: not at all
Mum: then you have to find him ethan, perhaps he knows just too