Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 19


I hurried to my room, yes!! This was the opportunity i needed to see trix. Leaving to her house right a way, didnt sound like a good idea, so i decided to use my locator powers to find out what she was up to.
I shut my eyes trying to find her, after a short search, somehow i saw her waving at some guy, who waved backed with hearty smiles. I hate to admit the dude was cute and i felt so jealous.
Like a flash i teleported into her moving car.
Me: and who was that??
Trix: aaaarrrghhh!! She yelled hitting the brakes. Ethan!! Omg! You scared me!!
Me: seriously??
Trix: and where the hell did you come from!
Me: scoffs! Thats not an answer.
Trix: seriously ethan you were supposed to show up 3days ago and you didnt!
Me: yeah i should have atleast called but i dont have a cellphone. I was suppose to come and then mum stopped me.
Trix: really?? And now?
Me: the thing is……
Trix: since you are so interested in who he is, then am gonna tell you. He’s a nice friend who was gonna keep me company when you ethan ditched me! She said cutting in
Me: huuh! I would never ditch you!
Trix: of course you did!
Me: alright is my fault for not showing up but am sorry. I said dryly.
Trix: hahaha if you think for a moment that crap you call sorry has any effect on me then you better rethink.
Me: aaaaww trix come on!! I know you are mad at me, ok fine i wont try apologizing but i promise am gonna make it up to you.
Trix: yawning! Boring!! Thats what am saying.
Me: ok fine how about we talk about it later tonight.
Trix: going somewhere??
Me: its kinda a long story but i promise am gonna fill you in.
Trix: ok then, you can stop by at 6, am gonna make you dinner.
Me: i quickly gave her a peck.
Trix: hey!! I dont need that much.
Me: sorry! I said smiling, i have to go now.
Trix: i’ll kill you if you dont show up this time ethan!
Me: i will love! Byeee i said teleporting.
Trix: chuckling was that jealousy i saw just now. Hahaha omg! She yelled as she drove away.
She got home in really happy mood as she hopped pass her mum and dad, saying hello at the same time.
Mr tolentin: do you see what i see?
Ariel: smiles# i only see love honey.
Tolentino: love?? I mean she looks really happy.
Ariel: she’s been having strange mood swings lately.
Tolentino: hahah that doesnt mean she’s in love honey.
Ariel: i know what i saw dear, our daughter isnt just in love but madly in love!
Tolentino: hahaha come on honey i really dont think so he said walking away.
Right now i had no idea where to find linshiel, the thought of what to do kept ringing in my head.
For the first time i decided to try my locator power on someone i had no idea where to find. After long hours of scouting every hide out and motels in Nj i finally found him resting next to a huge tree in the middle of a beautiful grassland.
Me: hello linshiel i called out, expected a shocked response from him.
Lin: what took you so long?
Me: huuh!! Like you were expecting me?.
Lin: hahaha seriously dashiel dont tell me you were having a hard time finding me.
Me: sort of?? I said looking at him weirdly.
Lin: hahah how did you become so weak? He asked shaking his head.
Me: what are you talking about.
Lin: behind you! He said as i turned swiftly to see him standing right behind me.
Me: that was quick! How did you……the words were still in my mouth when i felt a hand behind me.
Lin: do that? He said chuckling.
Me: woow!!!
Lin: hahahhaha have you ever heard of the mythic sweizler’s ghost?
Me: uhmm just once, am really not into movie but my buddy is, the one who scares child who pee at night?
Lin: not at all, hit me dashiel!
Me: why would i wanna do that.
Lin: because you cant!
Me: lets see about that!! I said swinging a hard punch to his face. I thought he was gonna teleport, but no, he was right on the same spot somehow just like veeko i couldnt touch him. I tried kicking too but my legs went through.
Lin: hahahaha nice try.
Me: seriously!!! What are you!!!! I asked in shock.
Linshiel: linshiel sweizer! He said with a smile.