Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 20


She jumped on her bed with smiles all over her her face as she went over the days event in her head, with her eyes glued to the wall clock.
Few minutes later she heard a knock on her door. Definitely her
dad, tyler would never knock neither would her mum.
Trix: hello dad.
Dad: hmm my angel looks so happy today, do you mind telling me whats going on.
Trix: nothing much, and dad am inviting a special guest to have dinner with us tonight. She said with a smile.
Dad: and who is this special guest of yours.
Trix: dont worry dad, its not anyone you havent seen before and am sure your gonna remember when you see him.
Dad: aaaw i’d love too but your mum and i will be going for a cocktail party tonight. I came by to tell you we’d be home really late so theres no point staying up late to welcome us.
Trix: aaaaww why today?? She said pretending to be sad.
Dad: dont worry honey am gonna make it up to you ok?
Trix: alright dad, you guys need some time out too. She said giving him a peck.
Dad: lock the doors before going to bed ok we’d be leaving with our spare keys. He said smiling before leaving.
Yes!!! She screamed in her head falling back into her bed excitedly.
Wooow i guess you are pretty awesome too i said with a smile.
Lin: i lived half my life here on earth as a ghost!
Me: why??
Lin: i was on the run!
Me: from who??
Lin: doza of course! He said a bit pissed.
Me: ok i get it, mum wants me to bring you home.
Lin: you mean leenora! No way! He said chuckling.
Me: seriously my mum is just like every normal human.
Lin: who looks like your real mum?? Seriously i dont believe in
coincidence, atleast not this kind.
Me: fine i want to know what happened in sesium?
Lin: he turned are you sure about that?
Me: nodding.
Lin: well i could tell you but that wont bring those memories back.
Me: how do i get them?
Lin: seriously? I really think you are better off not having those
memories dashiel.
Me: why’s that? I asked in suprise.
Lin: bringing those memories back is like resurrecting the real you in
you. Trust me nothing will ever be the same when that happens dashiel.
Me: what are you talking about?
Lin: lets take a walk he said.
Sesium used to be a lawless place were the strongest ruled, and everyone else was left to bow at his/her feet. Thousand of years ago a warlord emerged he fought so hard conquering sesium. And all it inhabitants were left to bow at his feet. At the fall of raza’s empire the(the birth of dark magic) Raza an evil sorcerer, famously known as the master of the underworld.
Cast an evil spell on the ancient symbol of leadership. Before he was taken away by the warlords comrades to be destroyed. Raza was never scared of death. His last words to the
every inhabitant of sesian would never be forgetten. “Raza will
rise again!! And all his enemy will kneel at his feet”
At his destruction, emerged a new cloud, a new world, a new
empire called dorci’s empire ruled by our grandfather. Everyone lived
in peace, no one oppressed another, the strong respected the weak. A huge number of sesian army was formed to completely tame evil.
Years passed and our parents were born. They were like everyother sesian except for doza who as a result of incomplete magical incubation. Had no special ability like your father and my mother.
He was moved by jealousy and one day he discovered something
detrimental. He could absorb energies, in which he used to do
extra-ordinary things like everyone else. He sort to make this permanent and one day he discovered he could absorb just any sesianmite’s energy.
Seeing how the evil doza grew every day, dorci was faced with a difficult choice of destroying his own child. His mind was finally made up, when he realized doza was beyond redemption. He was gonna
destroy doza to rid sesium of evil but then it was too late.
Doza had risen raza who had grandpa locked away to be destroyed. But doza didnt just want a devil ally. He wanted to be the devil. He finally figured away to make raza powers his and when he did. Sesium was splitted in 2, all those who wanted dark
magic. And those who wanted a peaceful world.
Doza’s insatiable desires for power kept him on a really deep
search and the very day he mastered all dark arts. All bowed to him and then he was called master of the darkest.