Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 21


As days grew by doza grew stronger and stronger. This was the world we were born in dashiel. My mum Alisha who got married to a warlord, would never sit by and watch doza destroy the family’s legacy.
Being a princess in possession of her own private army. She gave gaine all the support she could……he paused for a while.
Me: and what happened??
Linshiel: they met shock of a life, not being aware what doza had in store for them.
The strongest, the bravest the wisest were all defeat by a really strong and indestructible army of young kids.
When gaine heard his great armies has fallen, survivor fled to the east for reinforcement. But then gaine had to put an end to the war for the sake of sesium. But doza was not a bit satisfied he was now the king of both north and east, he wanted sesium.
And then a few general who returned. Narrated all they encountered in the battle field. The men they fought against were not just armies, they were dark soccerers and weapons. Their body fortified with the power of blue rays.
Gaine being a warlord sort a way to put an end to all this, he wasnt a bit scared of doza. And then a lazer sword whose powers was fueled by a really strong magic was made. A suprise attack was launch by gaine’s men destroying all doza’s evil army.
Doza was up in the morning as he strolled majestically round his throne. And then he was greeted with a shocking news. His army was destroy. He roared in anger as he made a promise to himself to either destroy sesium or make its inhabitant bow at feet.
For the first time since all this began the people of the west and south came together to celebrate their first victory over their enemies there were drinks and edibles everywhere. I still remember how we both drank from the golden goblet and then you told me you wanted to be like your father. But that was all history.
Doza came back even stronger only this time with a hidden agenda. At first we thought he was gonna unleash terror and darkness and every living thing. But no he walked majestically into the bouquet hall were every one was sitted as he gave a really weird laugh.
The armies quickly stood guard. And then finally he spoke up. To you Gaine and lisha, you made a fool of me and now your children would have to pay!
That day he placed a price on your head, The elixir of power would be given to any member of the secret army who destroyed dashiel.
Not a day went by, you ever slept in peace. You were hunted by the darkest of magic. You were so brave in fighting but then you were up against something unkillable. The dark smoke!!
You were afflicted with the plague of the dark smoke when you were finally defeated. Your mother did everything she could for you to stay alive. But then there was nothing in the south or west that could keep you alive.
All thats left to do was in raza’s tomb. No one ever dared step a feet. That was the only way gaine could save you. He went into raza’s tomb. Just like the saying goes for every favour asked their is a price to pay.
Me: and what price did he pay!!
Lin: shaking his head, he was gonna quit in the fight against dark magic and against doza.
Despite how hard that is, he would give sesium for you. A path was made and a line drawn. He would never raise a sword against darkness. You were restored but doza would stop at nothing until you were destroyed.
Gaine couldnt fight anymore even when he had the will to but the promise he made was like an invisible barrier stopping him. Lenora realizing they couldnt protect you anymore tricked you into going with her to crystal cave.
Only those with pure heart and goodwill could enter. What ever she did at the cave, her alone can tell. The bottomline is you were no were in sesium. And that angered doza so bad, he never got the chance to kill you himself, all those anger and hate was drifted to my family.
My dad was captured, my mum died protecting me and i was on the run all my, i was just survivor, i did all i thought neccessary to survive.
Me: it was really a sad story, but this wasnt the time to be sad. And doza? Dont he have a family, maybe a son or a daughter or even a wife.
Lin: tales has it that he has a son, born of a really dark magic. His name is Dorenia dont even think about starting a friendship. He’s gonna something more evil than his father.