Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 22


We kept strolling round the garden, i think i understood everything he said, but somehow i felt like theres more to this than he was telling me.
Me: doza was gonna kill just because my father destroyed his army?
Lin: just nod.
Me: thats weird i mean its a battle, just like my dad, warlord would
rise and fall. Only one becomes the champion in the end. If doza has a problem with my dad for destroying his dark army. Then its my dad he should be seeking to destroy not me. What are you not telling me lin?
Linshiel: smiles* am impressed dashiel, am glad you still think like a warrior.
Me: go ahead tell me all i need to know lin.
Linshiel: tales has it, in the bloodline of decca lies the one who possesses the true power absorb the power of the crystal cave and put an end to reign of doza.
Me: what tales are you talking about??
Lin: A scroll given to grandpa by a sorcerer. Its called the scroll of
decca. The present is manifested and the future is written. Thats what i heard anyway.
Me: then our bloodline is called decca?
Lin: exactly dashiel he said nodding. It was like a family secret.
Me: and how did doza find out.
Lin: that i do not know. Our death was gonna be the end of our
bloodline and sesium. And for that sole reason our parents were
willing to do anything.
Me: who gets to absorb the power of the crystal orb is it you or I?
Lin: paused a bit staring at dashiel as he chuckled. The master of
illusion, thats what he is called.
Me: i guess that explains why you had to leave sesium for earth?
We had a really long chat and it was getting really dark now.
Me: how about having dinner with us?
Lin: and your mum will she be ok with that?
Me: why are you so scared of my mum anyway??
Lin: am not scared! Am just being cautious
Me: of what linshiel?
Lin: somethings are better left unsaid dashiel he said giving me a soft tap.
Me: what are you talking about.
Lin: what ever your mum is up to i want no part of it. I think its best to keep my distance. Not to worry i’d be right there when next you need me.
Me: alright i better head home now its late already.
Lin: and dashiel! Get ready for the worst, this isnt over! Doza will be back.
I just gave a slight nod and then teleported.
She waited at the dinning, in front of a well prepared dish, ranging
from sweatly baked cookies to tarcos, which she spent hours preparing all by herself. She kept checking her wrist watch on intervals. It was 8:04pm. This time she was so angry that she couldnt even ulter a word.
At exactly 8:10 the door bell rang.
Trix: his finally here!! She thought angrily as she walked to the door
to yell at him. But then she saw him standing with flowers covering his face. What are the flowers for?
Dorenia: to wish you a lovely evening my dear he said with a smile.
Bella: huuuh!! How did you??
Dorenia: find this place? Lets just say am a terrible stalker.
Bella: chuckled# seriously? Did you follow me down here?
Dorenia: i saw this beautiful flowers, just down the street and it reminded me of your beautiful face. Bella you wont believe i stole
Bella: hahhaha tell me you werent chased!
Orenia: you just wont believe it. I couldnt let go of this beautiful
flower even after running miles. Just like i cant let go of the
memories of you bella.
Bella: thats sweet she said smiling.
Dorenia: sooo???
Bella: you are so not welcome but the flower is.
Dorenia: bella!! Now am gonna cry.
Bella: can i have them now? She said with a smile as he stared at her, with pleading eyes. Alright you can come in she said as he excitedly jumped in.
Dorenia: you really have a nice house.
Bella: thanks for the compliment do you mind having dinner with me?
Dorenia: that would be lovely! Some day am gonna take you to my dad’s castle am sure your gonna love it.
Bella: are you a prince or something?.
Dorenia: with you! Am a king he said as they grabbed a sitted. Woow my favorite! He yelled as he pounced on the tarcos.
Bella: easy you are gonna choke.
Orenia: am a glutton when it comes to tarcos and this is so lovely he murmured. You bought it right?
Bella: of course not i made it.
Orenia: omg! Tell me you have more plsss.
Bella: haahah no but you can have mine she said with a smile.