Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 23


I got home really late to see my parents seating on the couch. With the expression on their faces i could tell they were waiting for me.
Mum: you found him right?
Me: yup
Dad: i dont see anyone behind you ethan.
Me: thats because he refused to come.
Mum: why??
Me: he’s obviously scared of you mum i said with a smirk.
Dad: and did you ask why
Me: ya i did but he thinks my real mum is behind all these so staying
away would be best.
Mum: thats outrageous and totally
impossible. I was given birth to
like every normal child and lived years before you came to earth. I
think that kid confused.
Me: *smiles* you know what i think mum.
Mum: what?
Me: with you i dont need a real mum orfoster mum. Because i love you. I said with a smile.
Mum: aaaw thats sweet! She said touching my cheek.
Me: but speaking of linshiel and lenora. I think they have a score to
settle perhaps linshiel did something unspeakable.
Dad: and why do you have those kind of thoughts?
Me: he said he lived his whole life doing everything neccessary to
survive. From the way he sounded i think she’s dead but then i wont be suprise if he has a hand in it.
Dad: that right! We cant totally overule that possibility. Lenora was suppose to be his uncle’s wife if he’s truely your cousin.
Me: thats right dad
Mum: more than anyone he should be happy to see her.
Dad: exactly honey, it might be shocking for a while but the
expression would have been definitely different from the one he showed.
Mum: thats right. Ethan you have to be careful around that kid, i just
hope his not a fickle.
Me: alright mum i will, can i go to bed now.
Mum: no you cant, you can stand there and keep staring at me. Honey am sleepy she said grabbing dad’s hand.
Me: mum!! I yelled as she chuckled. And someday am gonna get married trust me am gonna have to run far away!!
Mum: i know you are kidding, sweet dreams.
I ascended the stairs to my room to have a good sleep. I took a quick shower and then jumped on my bed.
Just when i was about falling
asleep i recalled i had dinner
date with trix!.
Me: nooo!! I yelled sitting up like i had a bad dream. It 10:45
already, am sure she must have fallen asleep by now. This time am dead for sure. How did i even forget!
She watched orenia eat the food in great pleasure, with smiles on her face.
Dorenia: whoa!! Thanks for the wonderful dinner. Maybe i’ll keep
stealing flowers for you.
Bella: why would you do that.
Orenia: hopefully i’ll keep getting this wonderful meal.
Bella: hahhaah this was just your lucky night thats all.
Orenia: luck has always been my best buddy. Its only a matter of time bella before all flowers in NJ goes missing and then your are gonna wake up one morning to see the news flash. Heres the boy who’s been stealing our flowers.
Bella: you are definitely not a serious person she said with a smile.
Orenia: so where you expecting someone?
Bella: yeah but never showed up.
Orenia: hahaha yeah!! I guess you made this for that person? And i got to eat it! He said happily.
Bella: you are really naughty orenia.
Orenia: seriously i like the way that sound in your lips. Orenia! Give it another trial plssss…..
Bella: orenia?
Orenia: *smiles* so who was gonna devour my fav?
Bella: my date she said and right now it feels weird to her reffering
to ethan as her date she thought. Finally he was gonna ditch me.
Orenia: awww sorry about that, not to worry no one is ever gonna make you sad because you are my friend he said with a smile.
Bella: its late already orenia its time to go i really need some sleep.
Dorenia: alright he said as they both walked to the door. Goodnight bella.
Bella: goodnight.
Dorenia: uhmm bella how about i steal some flowers and bring it right to your doorstep tomorrow.
Bella: seriously stop bringing me stolen flowers. And that wont be
neccessary. Have a wonderful night. I could hardly sleep knowing trix was gonna be extremely mad at me, this time have got to find a way. I know
she’d never listen to anything i say but i have to try.
I thought of a romantic way to apologize and non was coming,
just when i decided to do it the old fashioned way. I got a very a crazy idea.
She met that kid just 2days ago but now she was glad she did. If he hadnt come by, the possibilities of her having a good sleep were very minute.
She woke up this morning stretching, with a smile on her face as she looked out of the window to see a really beautiful rose flower.