Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 24


She stared at the beautiful flower with smiles on her face.
Bella: you just dont listen do you?? She thought as she walked to the window to get the flower.
Just when she got to the flowers her eyes found ethan holding a white rose, beaming with smile.
Me: goodmorning trix i said with a weird smile.
Well i thought she was gonna nag as usual, atleast i would have
gotten a chance to apologize. The next thing i saw was trix tossing
the flower out of her window like a piece gabbage.
Trix: am i supose to eat them!! Huh??? She yelled angrily shutting her window.
That was like the most shocking scene have ever seen in a real life
movie. She wasnt just mad, i think she’s had enough. I stood there
staring at my rejected flower, wondering who was even more miserable right now. Obviously i was.
She walked in the bathroom to use the mouth wash, she wasnt even thinking when she threw that flower out of the window. The shocked expression he wore was gonna make her feel abit guilty.
Bella: he deserves all he got and even more she said to herself,
wiping away all trace of guilt.
I stood there for a while hoping she’s gonna change her mind but no. There was no sign of her looking out her window. I decided to talk to dad, knowing he was gonna be on a delivery trip now, i teleported into his truck.
Me: dad i need to talk to you i said
Spencer: huuuh!! He yelled in shock and almost lost control of the wheel. Ethan!! What is it that cant atleast wait until i get back?
Me: my friend she’s mad at me and it was all mum’s fault! Or rather it was partly mum’s fault.
Dad: hmmm he chuckled abit, a friend you say?
Me: yup.
Dad: i guess she must be really special friend he said with a smile.
So what would you have me do.
Me: i tried apologizing but she doesnt even want to listen.
Dad: he took a quick look at him, he could see distress all over his
face. Are you in love? He asked looking at him weirdly.
Me: i dont know if what i feel for her is called love, i only know
like her alot.
Dad: seriously i thought……..he quickly paused.
Me: what dad?
Dad: never mind, what did you do?
Me: first i told her i was coming to her house and then mum stopped
me. I dont have a cell phone, there was no way i could reach her
without my powers.
Dad: why didnt you?
Me: course mum didnt just ground me she asked not to use my powers for 2weeks.
Dad: ok?
Me: we settled our differences yesterday and then she invited me for dinner by 6. I was so caught up in the chat with lin and i forgot.
Dad: you forgot! Seriously it wasnt even up to a day after making up.
Me: i totally forgot
Dad: ok fine, the thing is ladies hate being taken for granted. Thats like hurting their pride and trust me if she’s pretty its only a
matter of time before she finds a
Me: ok?? I asked impatiently
Dad: she’d never believe anything you right now ethan.
Me: what am i supposed to do now? This was getting really fustrating.
Dad: its simple ethan, now its time to show her and not tell her.
Me: how??
Dad: seriously? He asked abit fustrated. Now rather than running to papa, get you butt out there and show her how much you care about her! Whether it shines or rains show her you are
gonna be by her side. He yelled abit.
Me: shocked! Obviously he was disgusted i couldnt even handle a
relationship. Thanks dad i said before leaving.
I stood outside her window just like dad said i wasnt gonna leave without making up.
Me: trix!!!!!!! I called out.
She was on her bed hearing ethan scream her name on top of his voice. She got her headset on knowing his gonna leave after exhausting all energy. I kept on screaming her name even louder,
although it seemed like no one could here me. I felt like going home right now but then i kept
hearing dad’s voice in my head. I stood right there with my gaze fixed on her window for hours.
Its been way passed mid-day now and my legs were begining to ache. At this point the clouds were looking pretty heavy. I knew it was gonna rain soon, i could feel the moisture in the air already. She was right in her room nodding her head to the beat of the music, she didnt even realize when she fell asleep.
When she woke up, it was evening already, plus it was raining really heavy outside. She quickly covered her blanket excitely she was gonna go back to sleep only God know’s for how long.
Just when she was about closing her eyes, she recalled ethan was here earlier.
Bella: he should be gone by now, Of course he’s a momma’s boy she said to herself and was about going back to sleep but somehow she felt he was gonna be out there. It was raining so heavily theres absolutely no way he’s gonna be out there! And that was
all she needed to fall asleep.