Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 25


The cloud was getting really dark now while
the rain persisted.
Katherine kept pacing in the living, taking
glances at the wall
cloak once in a while. Why isnt he home yet
was the only question she
kept asking herself and obviously she
doesnt have an answer.
At 8:15 spencer ran into the house
drenched. Just when she heard
the sound of the door she turned quickly to
see her husband.
Katherine: welcome honey she said dryly. I
could tell you had a really
rough day out there.
Spencer: you cant possibly imagine. You
dont sound like you usual
self, is something bothering you.
Katherine: our son left home in the morning
and even to this moment
he’s yet to come back.
Spencer: huuh! Well he came to me, just
when i was at the outskirt of town.
Katherine: and?? She asked impatiently.
Spencer: he was feeling real sad, about
some girl……
Katherine: that should be bella she
interupted, go ahead!
Spencer: he said she was gonna ditch him
for not keeping his numerous
promise. And of course one of which was
caused by you.
Katherine: honey what happened already
she asked looking totally worried.
Spencer: he was there for an advice so i told
him to go out there and
get his girl and show her how much he
Katherine: noooo tell me you didnt say that.
Spencer: i really need a change of cloths
honey he said with shaking
lips as he walked away.
Why would spencer say that to you,
seriously you are way too young for
a relationship. Its really cold outside, he left
with neither an
unbrella nor a jacket. She sat on the couch
Spencer was back to the living room with a
cup of coffee. As he turned
of the tv. To catch up on his favourite tv
Katherine: she just stared at him angrily as
he sipped his coffee with
his eyes glued on the screen he was so
relaxed. Why didnt you ask him
come home? If his having problems with a
lady i should be the one
helping out.
Spencer: seriously relax already he’s not a
kid honey he can take care
of himself.
Katherine: no thats not true! Ok fine dont you atleast have an idea
were he might be you know i could go look
for him.
Spencer: no way its really cold out there, its
pouring really heavy
you cant even use the truck.
Katherine: just tell me i’ll go on foot.
Spencer: paused abit staring at his wife. He
was really sad, i mean
he’s a guy, at he’s age he should be able to
handle relationships with
the opposite s-x. I only told him to stick
around whether it shines or
rain and show her how much he love her.
Katherine: nooooo! tell me you didnt say
that to him she said almost
close to tears.
Spencer: of course i did, you know what it
means right?
Katherine: i know its Diana Dunes words
from our fav novel. I know it
means showing a love one you could do
anything for them because you
care. But ethan doesnt spencer, what if he
actually stood under the
sun and now under the rain?
Spencer: hmm he never thought of that, but
you know theres no way he’s
gonna do that, you know he can teleport
Katherine: he came to you because he was
gonna take word seriously,
you should have atleast explained better
Spencer: come on!! His not a baby katherine,
perhaps his spending
sometime with her and here you are getting
yourself all worked up.
Katherine: she glared at him angrily, walked
into her room, grabbed
her jacket and an unbrella.
Spencer: were are you going??
Katherine: to look for my son!!
She was about going out when he
quickly grabbed her.
Spencer: stop this madness katherine you
dont even know where he is.
And that all she needed to actually cry.
I was right their staring at her window, my
clothes badly soaked. I
was even having a spasm, it was really cold, i
felt my blood freezing
but i wasnt gonna leave. The night was a
really long one.
Bella was up in the morning, stretching
again she slept alot
yesterday. Today she was gonna do more of
outting. She walk to her
window to take a close look at the sky.
Then her eyes found something really
strange. Ethan standing
with his gaze fixed on her. His eyes
decorated with eye bags and red
With his clothes badly soaked.
Bella: she examined his cloths and they were
thesame outfit he wore
yesterday. Dont tell me you were here all
night! She thought.
Me: i could her thought. I gave a replied in
my head, in a way she
could here. Yes! I said with a smirk as my
body quaked.
Bella: why!!! She asked with a sad, worried
and angry expression.
Me: because i love you bella, i think
somehow i must have exceeded my
body’s endurance limit. The last i heard was
trix voicing my