Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 26


After hours of nagging and complains, they both slept on the couch, with katherine’s head resting of his shoulder and her left arm placed on his chest.
It was morning already spencer was the first to wake, he was about standing when he realized his wife was on him. He laid her carefully on the couch, trying not to wake her but katherine was never a deep sleeper.
Katherine: ooh spencer she murmured grabbing her fore head. It felt like she got a severe migraine over night.
Spencer: how was your night sweetie he said giving her a peck on her fore-head.
Katherine: terrible honey she murmured.
Spencer: sure you are alright he asked looking abit worried as she placed her palm on her fore head.
Katherine: with those killing aches in my head? Definitely not.
Spencer: am sure thats one of the after effect from last night.
Katherine: and our son isnt home yet.
Spencer: stop getting worried already! We are gonna find him.
Katherine: ok i get it she murmured.
And then she stood up heading for kitchen to make breakfast, but somehow in her head everything was moving in a circular form, she was about falling but then spencer was fast enough to catch before she got to the ground.
Spencer: katherine!!
Katherine: honey she whispered.
Seemed like she was having a really high fever, her body was burning up too. He took her back to the couch, to try some first aid on her before calling the doctor.
I knew i passed out but wasnt completely unconcious, i could feel my body float and moving at a really soothing pace in the air. No doubt trix was using her powers to bring me inside. And then i landed gently on her bed.
She quickly place hot towels on me.
Bella: she stared at him with teary eyes, you are really crazy ethan. I know i was mad at you but i would never want to see hurt. Why!! Why would stand all day and night outside. Even when it was raining. I know you are powerful ethan but what if something even more serious happened out there. I would never be able to live knowing its all my fault ethan. She said in her head.
Me: and now are you still mad? I murmured.
Trix: chuckled with tears in her eyes, i cant be mad at you because i love you ethan. She said giving me a peck.
Me: right now i couldnt help but smile, it work i said to myself. Dont worry am gonna be fine trix, i said in a way only her can here without actually speaking.
Trix: i know you are she said with a smile.
Me: mum’s gonna be totally worried have got to go.
Trix: no no i dont think you are strong enough to….
Me: sssshhh….am gonna teleport just promise me you’d come see me.
Trix: yes i will she spoke up for the first time, then we heard her mum scream her name.
Right now my bones felt icey i mustered all the strength i could find and then teleported.
I appeared right in the sitting room to see some man checking mum’s temperature.
Mum: ethan??? She called out as i quickly teleported before he could look my direction.
Doctor: ethan??
Mum: thats my son’s name i just miss him thats all.
When he was done he prescribed some drugs for her, she had a high fever. It was nothing serious. Just when the doctor left she hurried into ethan’s room to see him on his bed. With his skin looking pale like he feel into an ice creek.
Mum: ethan what happened! She asked looking so worried.
Me: i shot my eyes trying to warm my body up with my hot flames.
After few minutes of silence i was feeling better now. I opened my eyes with a smile on my face.
Mum: seriously?? Thats it!! She yelled a bit disguisted.
Me: sorry for staying out that long.
Mum: she was gonna yell again when those aches returned. I helped her to her room. I knew she had a bag load of question to ask me which i wasnt in the mood to answer. The only thing stopping her right now was her health condition. Well i guess its my lucky day i’d have to prepare.
He took a stroll round a very beautiful garden. Well he just felt like going out, why and what he was gonna do out there, he knew not.
Over the years his learned to trust his guts. While walking round the garden he bumped into linshiel sitting close to the river bank.
Isaiah: hey man
Linshiel: he turned to see who, i know you! He said looking at him weirdly.
Isaiah: of course you do, you are ethan’s couz and am his friend.
Linshiel: no i know you are the guardian.
Isaiah: ok now what the hell are you talking about he said pretending not to know.
Linshiel: i might be light headed sometimes, but mistaken? Definitely not. You are a true-guardian. Only a few people are gifted to recognise a guardian and am one of them.

Isaiah: I don’t know what you’re talking about
linshiel: he let out a smirk, the type people do when displaying their confidence. we can’t deny the obvious, can we?
Isaiah was silent. he wasn’t exactly surprised. he knew ethan’s cousin isn’t some random human. it was evident in the way he dealt with the blue ray kids. this conviction alone gave raise to a whole lot of questions……..whats the true identity of this dude? a fellow guardian??
in his grandmother’s words, only two set of persons can actually decipher a guardian: fellow guardians and their enemies.
what category does he belong?
the puzzled look on isaiah prompted linshiel into asking whether or not he was alright.
isaiah: who are you? he replied with a question
linshiel: its not important. he was still speaking when his phone rang interuptedly. linshiel’s face glistened with smile as he retrieved the device from his pocket, glancing through the caller i.d.
linshiel: sorry man, i gotta go.
isaiah: you might wanna answer my question?
linshiel: wanna know?
isaiah: surely. he said silently looking towards a positive answer
linshiel: find out for ya self