Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 27


And dad came by with some drugs which mum swallowed with a glass of water. And my favourite part was she fell asleep. I exhaled in relief. I know its a bit selfish but i wish she’d sleep all day.
Dad and i walked to living room.
Dad: so what happened? He asked sitting on the couch.
Me: smile* i did just what you told me dad and guess what??
Dad: you almost died?
Me: hahha nooo come on! We are cool now and she promised to come see me. Like today!! I said excitedly.
Dad: he just stared at me like i was speaking a sesian language.
Me: what?? I asked weirdly.
Dad: i still cant believe you actually stood in the rain.
Me: *confused* thats exactly what you asked me to do.
Dad: nooo its just a love proverb, well am glad you are fine.
Me: tell me you are kidding! I just couldnt believe what i heard, i
mean i almost died! You should have told me that!
Dad: i thought you knew what it meant. He said chuckling abit.
Me: great so tell me, whats the other meaning of your love proverb i said mockingly.
Dad: hahah it meant show her you could do anything for her. I thought you’d keep hitting the door until she comes out and even when her parents get mad you’d just tell them you only wanted to see her.
Me: you should have just said so!!
Dad: either way you got the girl he said chuckling. As he walked away.
I just stared at him, seriously!! Well we reconciled! And thats good for me. I thought with a smile.
I laid on the couch, didnt even realized when i slept off. The
next thing i felt was a soft tap.
Mum: you should be sleeping in your room.
Me: i quickly stood up. Yes mum i said walking into my room to wash up trix was gonna be here soon.
I got dressed, walked into the kitchen to see lunch already
prepared. I wasnt suprised though, mum doesnt like anyone skipping meals, she says its not healthy.
I quickly arranged the dinning. While mum stared at me like she was trying to read mind. Well thank God she couldnt.
Mum: expecting someone??
Me: oopss she did! Yes mum i said with a smile.
Mum: bella?
Me: i just gave a slight nod. Seriously now that she knows its a girl. Am sure she wouldnt leave us alone. Mum the doctor said you need alot of rest. You should be sleeping you know.
Mum: and why would the doctor tell you that and not spencer?? just then we heard a knock.
Me: i’ll get it! I said running to the door.
Bella: hi! She said with a smile.
Me: omg!! She looked really beautiful, well i thought it was just a casual visit.
Bella: what!! She asked with a smile.
Me: you look gorgeous! come in i said with a smile.
Mum: hello bella.
Bella: goodafternoon ma’am she with a smile. Mum was about saying something else.
Me: mum i said cutting still havent forgotten the doctor’s advice.
Mum: are you trying to get rid of me? She said folding her hands.
Me: oooh come on i said turning her around as i gave her a slight push from behind. You know i care about you a whole lot, now is my turn to look after you.
Mum: she was totally perplexed ethan whats going on!
Me: nothing mum! I said leading her to her room. Have a wonderful rest mum.
Mum: exhales whats wrong with that kid!
I got back as quick as possible leading trix to the dinning with
smiles on her face.
Trix: your mum’s gonna kill when am gone.
Me: hahah she will but am glad am not gonna die.
We had a really long chat as we ate, we were so carried away that we lost track of time. When trix realized, we said good bye to each other and the she gave a peck, before leaving. Just then i heard mum’s voice.
Mum: i guess she’s gone!
Me: i slowly shut the door to hear what she has to say. But then said
nothing, she only sat on the couch
watching her fav soap. I really wish i could figure out what she was thinking right now.
he was about having a nice dinner when a force pinned him to his seat as he gasped for air. He pupils turned gold like that of dragon. He
could see trix driving down to her house he saw some guy(dorenia)
watching her. Just when she got into her house.
He waited awhile before knocking.
Isaiah: nooo dont open it!! He muttered.
Trix opened the door with smiles on her face when she sighted him.
Trix: orenia! She said.
Dorenia: i walking by, so i decided to say hello he said with a smile.
Trix: thats nice of you.
Dorenia: so any lucky dinner? he said with a smile.
Trix: hahhaa naah just got back and i wanna have a nice sleep! See you some other time bye.
He could see the angry looks on his face as he varnished.
Isaiah: what!!! He screamed, his eyes turned normal and he lost the trance.
Isaiah: what just happened! He asked with a puzzled look. Could it be she is…… no thats not possible.