Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 28


Mum’s attention was fixed on the television for hours, well its not like i was expecting her to yell or something, the fact that she’s quiet and relaced about everything!
Aaaarrgh! Just makes me nervous!
I wish i could read her mind.
Rather than sitting down here and getting all work up. I decided to leave with drawing any attention. I stood up gently, taking a few calculated steps.
Mum: and since when did you start tip toeing in your own house?
Me: shocked* i turned swiftlu flashing an uneasy smile, i was practicing a new ballad move i saw on tv. I said showing my white dentition like the donkey in shrekk.
Mum: i see she said giving me a really weird look.
Me: it was pretty obvious she knew i was lying. I took a deep breath and walked back to my seat. Seriously mum if your gonna yell at me, just do it already.
She gave me a suprised look, like “what are you talking about”.
Mum: whu would i yell at you?
Me: so you are not angry?
Mum: not totally. You invited your girlfriend without even telling me. Good or bad?
Me: aaaww now you’re gonna make me feel bad mum. And since you are not angry, then i guess thats good for me. Goodnight mum i said giving her a peck.
He knows where dashiel lives now, all thats left is to destroy him. But the mere thought of seeing dashiel and vaniella together makes his blood boil.
Its time to get rid of dashiel he said angrily as he walked into a house party with a smirk on his face.
Everyone turned in his direction to see a total stranger. Just then a boy walked up to him. Who are you man? You were not invited.
I am now! He said with a smile as the blond hair dude nodded in agreement and moved away like he was remoted.
Jason! Everyone kept calling while he stood spirit was taken off his body.
Dorenia: no need to panic guys, you are all gonna be fine. I only need a bowl of blood, do you think you can give me that?
His word kept echoing in their head, it took less than 30seconds before they slit their wrist open, trying to fill up a bowl with blood.
Dorenia: I knew you guys where kind hearted he said with a smirk.
He was done with his food, he sat back pondering over what he saw. And then it happened again. He’s eyes turned gold like that of a dragon. He could see dorenia walking into a party with teens.
He only asked them to fill a bowl with their blood, he watched in horror as each of them slit their wrist with any sharp object they could find.
Isaiah: what the hell are you! He muttered in fear.
I was having a really nice sleep when i heard my name. I was so sleepy, i had to cover my ears with my pillow. I didnt want to be distracted. The voice was feminine at first but it grew louder and louder in my head as it gain more masculinity.
I quickly jumped out of bed, whats that voice i wondered.
Voice; dashiel! It called out again, i quickly turned to see the scroll glowing in a really bright light.
Me: exhaled* now what?? I was having a good sleep.
Aestries: its time dashiel!
I watched it float out of my locker, i quickly followed it, as it led me into a spacious basement.
Me: this time the urge to sleep was gone, the only thing i could see now was curiousity.
Aestries: your final lesson dashiel.
Me: woow the very last?
Aestries: no dashiel, everything has a limit, i have reached mine. From this point if theres anyother ability you possess, its left for you to find out.
Me: i was about why?
Aestries: its time to master the art of illusion.
Me: ok? I said and then a bright light went out of it, strucked the wooden chair and it varnished.
Aestries: find it dashiel!
Me: are you kidding me! It just disappeared!
Aestries: its here, keep your mind open, they have better eyes than those 2balls infront of your head.
Me: i tried as much as i could but i couldnt find it.
Aestries: there you go, it said as a blind fold was wrapped around my eyes.
Me: why this?
Aestries: thay would help your mind see!
Me: i took a deep breath, taking a deep look inside. It was like i could see myself, smiling at me. You can do this man!
Me: you can talk!
Me: go for it! It replied. I tightemed my fist, giving the chair a hard punch. It shattered.
Aestries: impressive!! Breaking that chair wasnt neccessary.
Me: great now you’re gonna pick on me. I wasnt done with my statement, when the blindfold disappeared. I looked around to see copies of myself. All around me.
They looked really pissed up! I know that look! When am out for the kill.
Me: huuuh whats this!
Aestries: your greatest enemy dashiel!
Me: i dont see an enemy silly!! I see my self!!
Aestries: thats right because its you! You are your greatest enemy.
Me: what are you saying!
Aestries: defeat yourself!!!