Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 29


first i thought it was my mind playing weird tricks on me. As they
moved closer with their hands glowing like they were up for a real
Me: Aestries!!! What the hell am i supposed to do now! I yelled out in
total confusion.
Aestries: is up to you my lord.
Me: if aestries was anything close a human i would say it was laughing
right now. Just then one of my magical clone spoke up.
Clone: you aint fit to occupy this body! You are rather too weak!!
And powerless!! Another added.
Me: huuh you talk just like me!! I said in total shock.
Clone: you still dont get it do you?
Me: get what?
Clone: allow us show you!!
He wasnt done yelling when i felt a really hard blow sending me
mile away out of the basement into the farm.
Me: aarrggh! I cried out still on the ground, what the hell is this i
yelled helping my self up. Like a flash they were all over me. Looking
like they werent done yet.
And then i felt a force pulling me upward toward one of my clone as he
gave me a really hard punch throwing me weightless to the other who
gave me a firey backswing kick. I was tossed like a soccer ball from
left to right, getting hard hit, fire blows and kicks.
I laid on the floor weakly with blood oozing outta of my mouth and
nostrils. My shirt badly ruined by the firey hits.
Me: why!!! I asked angrily and weakly.
Clone: he gave my kind of smirk just when am enjoying a moment. I
think we should tell him guys.
At this point my body ached so bad, to say i was beaten black and blue
was like an understatement. I felt like i got hit by a fast moving
Me: wait! I said as they halted. Staring at me with smiles on their faces.
I mustered all the strength i could. Got up to my feet, staring at
them angrily. This time i dont give a d–n if they were my look
alikes. They just gave me the worst beating of my life and now am
gonna return the wonderful favour.
Clone: get him!! He said as the moved at great speed towards me.
Me: i ran towards them trying to fight back again but in less than
30secs i was over powered again.
Clone: i guess this is good bye! He said smiling. You look distressed?
Have something to say he said chuckling.
Me: i gave a slight cough which was accompanied by blood. This time
all i could see was enemies who want me dead and not my look alike. I
stared at them really angrily.
Clone: you look pretty angry man hahaha, he said in a mocking manner.
Me: its not over yet! I yelled abit standing to my feet.
Clone: hahaha how hilarious look around there’s nothing you can do man!!.
I shot my eyes tightly trying to find strength, but then something
weird happened i saw someone who looks just like me holding my arms. I
stared in shock, just couldnt understand why i could see myself right
inside myself.
Clone: you cant win!
Me: why??
Clone: its time for you to go!! I felt like i was thrown into oblivion
or something.
For the first time since years i got the chance to feel the warmth of my skin.
Clone: its time for you to die!!
Me: maybe ethan is killable but dashiel isnt!!!
As they charged towards me, my pupils went red like a burning furnace.
One by one they all turned into dust.
Me: i am illusion, i said with a smile.
Its really feels great coming back after a really long time. I
still recall everything as though they happened yesterday. Just then i
turned to see the scroll of decca postrating.
Me: *smile* how did you travel this far! I said grabbing the scroll,
as i open it slowly to see a writting in blood.
On the night a sacrifice of blood is made, raza would rise. And
doza would indestructible forever. You have to stop him now!!!
Those were the words boldly written in sesian language.
Me: such sacrifice can only be performed by the descendant of doza!!
He has a child?? I thought with a smirk on my face.
Now vengence is inevitable, doza will face my wrath! You should
have killed me when you had the chance. This time i will bring
darkness and evil to its kneel because i am] dashiel!!! I yelled as my
eyes turned gold i could see dorenia now.
And then sacra(the magical lazer sword used in the war against the
blue rays in sesium) fell in front of me piercing the ground. I picked
it up with smiles on my face as it glowed. Its my turn!!.