Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 30


he walked out of the farm with an angry expression, in less than no
time he was clad he a black oufit and a fitted raffian coat. With
sacra(sword) behind his back. He walked a few step before he
varnished. Re-appearing on the top of the clock tower.
He could see dorenia now in his locators vision.
Dashiel: smirk* an apple does not fall from the tree does it?
the bowl was filled with blood and it was handed over to him by the last lady.
Dorenia: thank you he said with a smile walking out, inless than no
time he was in the woods. With the staff of raza and a 2pointed gold
dagger called revia in a sesian tongue (as small as it is with the
right incantation, it has the ability to release a soul from the
His eyes went dark as he held the dagger in the air.
Dorenia: singuenim fezaltu senguinim raz……he was yet to complete
his incantation when someone interrupted.
Dashiel: you are just like your father! He said with a smile.
Dorenia: he stopped abit, starring at ethan. Hahahha you sure have a
big mouth ethan.
Dashiel: his laughter weird off as he stared at dorenia. He wasnt here
for a word battle.
Dorenia: surely you show alot courage showing up here. But trust me
this will be your last.
He was about chuckling when he felt a hard blow throwing him hard
to a huge tree.
Dorenia: aaaaargggh he groaned in pain when he felt a sword on his
neck. This time he was scared. Who…are you?? He asked in confusion
and fear.
Dashiel: the end to your bloodline. I am dashiel. He said raising his
sword to pierce his heart.
Dorenia: wait i am not the enemy!!
Dashiel: tell that to raza in the underworld! He was about piercing
him again, when he swiftly moved his feet and varnished.
by now sky was getting brighter and brighter every single minute. He
barely slept last night, its been from one bad dream to another.
He had a weird trance last night he needed to confirm. He got
dressed quickly. Hurried to the house where dorenia visited. There was
an emergency situation, first aid was being given to the kids before
taking them to the hospital. Everyone had a cut on their rest.
He saw the sherrif standing, he walked over.
Isaiah: goodmorning
sheriff: morning son he said with a smile.
Isaiah: what happened here.
Sheriff: they said some kid made them slit their wrist he said
chuckling. I know they’ve been partying and there must be some sort of
The sherrif was still taking when his eyes when gold again. He
could see dashiel and dorenia in the streets fighting in broad day
Sheriff: are you alright son!
Isaiah: yes sir. Thanks for the info i have to go now.
Sheriff: and stay out of trouble! He added.
Dorenia was fast but dashiel was faster. He was intercepted by dashiel
in the middle of the road, he tried fighting back. It took only a
matter of time before dashiel pinned him to wall, with a firm grip on
his neck as he rained heavy blows on him.
After He let go off him and was about piercing his heart with the
sword. When a huge army of blue ray appeared. Dorenia couldnt help but
Dashiel: evil kids!! Yelled angry running towards them, with his
unshealthed sword, moving at great spead, he cut through everyone of
The shocked looks on dorenia’s face right now as he watched the
whole army turn into black smoke bit by by bit as a flame drove them
all away, was like that of defeat.
Dashiel: smirk* back to you!!
Dorenia: i did nothing to you, why are you after me!
Dashiel: your only sin is having a wrong father, in your next life,
that is if you have one. You should opt for a better father.
Dorenia: he shut his eyes tightly, kill me already! He yelled
Dashiel: am on it!!! Aaaarrrghhh he yelled about piercing him again
when a force stopped his hands.
Trix: ethan dont!!! she yelled running down there. While isaiah who
was already in the scene quickly stopped her.
Isaiah: stay out of this bella he yelled grabbing her, as she
struggled to free her self. But then dashiel drove the sword into his
heart without restraint.
Bit by bit his body was eaten up by a red flame as he stared at
bella with smiles on his face and tears in his eyes. Anyone could tell
what ever is happening to him, hurts like hell.
Bella: nooooo!!!