Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 31


Isaiah: calm down trix!! Plsss i know he was your friend.
Trix: just stared at ethan angrily, he did nothing wrong.
Isaiah: no trix! You just dont know him. He’s evil, have seen what he could do.
Trix: let go of me she yelled angrily and he did.
he gave a satisfactory smirk, dont worry kid, you’d never be lonely in
hell, cos papa would be coming to get you.
He turned to leave and then some girl stood in his path,
obviously she was angry at someone.
Trix: why did you kill him ethan?
Dashiel: ethan? He asked with a squeezed face and then gave a weird laughter.
Isaiah: i think something isnt right with him trix, he whispered.
Trix: who are you!
Dashiel: illusion! He said walking towards trix like he was gonna hurt
her when isaiah intercepted. But then he passed through like a human
Trix: what….just….happened she stammered as they both stared at
themselves in amazement.
Isaiah: i think he went right through us!!
Trix: how did he do that!!! She yelled as they both turned quickly to
stop him but he was long gone.
Katherine and spencer were up this morning, after a lovely
night together. They decided to go on the delivery trip together. Just
when the walked into the farm house. The whole place was a total mess.
Spencer: what in the name of God happened here!!
Katherine: ethan!! She screamed running straight to his room to meet
his absence. Nooo!!
She ran back to the farm with heavy eyes to meet spencer,
squating like he was painting a drawing or something on the floor.
Katherine: what is it spencer.
Spencer: nothing katherine, i think its the late night wind.
Katherine: you are lying spencer, what did you see! She said coming closer.
Spencer: calm down honey am sure ethan is in his room.
Katherine: he’s not!
Spencer: then…..he was about saying something else.
Katherine: plsss spencer!! She said with tears almost flowing down her cheek.
He just moved away like he was remoted, now she had a clear view
of what he’s been keeping away from her.
Katherine: she almost fainted seeing the dried blood stains mixed with
sand. At this point she could barely cry, she only muttered incoherent
words like someone in a catatonic state. As spencer tried to calm her
Dashiel was out again in search of doza’s agents. The only foot
print he left blood! He spared no possessed human or sesiumite.
He walked into a beautiful garden, so beautiful, it reminded him
so much of home. He strolled round it with a heavy heart as pictures
of his past life in sesium played in his head. And then he got to a
small lake, he took a brief look at the water, rather than seeing his
reflection all he saw was his mum. He loved her so much but then she
choose to die for him.
Every minute he existed he wished he died and she was allowed to
live, he’d never forgive himself, he’d never forgive linshiel!! He’d
never forgive doza!! Just then he heard a really familiar voice.
Lin: you’ve finally come to visit he said with a smirk.
Dashiel: linshiel!! He muttered angrily. Like a flash he gave him a
really hard kick sending him distance away. He teleported, swinging a
punch to linshiel’s face, but lin was no weakling, he dodged swiftly
and was about teleporting when a sharp sword was placed on his neck.
Linshiel: dashiel!!! He yelled in horror as he stared at the sword.
Dashiel: move a muscle and you’d be dead!!!
Just then isaiah and trix stepped into the scene. They were on
there way to tell lin. But ethan was already here, holding a sword to
his neck.
Trix: ethan!!! His!! A friend!!
Isaiah: yes ethan!! Plsss put the knife down.
Lin: he just stared in horror knowing they were clueless about what
was going on.
I found myself close to a river bank, with beautiful vegetations all around it.
Me: where am i!!!! I yelled in my head. Mum!!!! I yelled as my voice
echoed over and over. Bella!!!!! I yelled even louder.
I kept screaming until it dawned on me i was totally alone in
here. And then something weird happened. I could see my body in my
actual world dressed in a weird cloth, doing alot of unimaginable
What the hell happened to me!! What did that evil scroll do to me, and
who is occupying my body!!! I screamed in total fear!!
Every minute i spent in here i felt myself having a clearer view of
what my body was up to