Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 34


Me: knowing this part of myself really felt weird, at this point i
wished i was given birth to like every other child. What am i supposed
to do? I mean literary i can do almost nothing.
Dove: you are far from the truth my dear friend.
Me: hmm great now a dove refers to me as a friend, thats a good sign i
thought. Perhaps you know something i dont.
Dove: this place was meant to be an eternal prison for dashiel. He
killed my friends but i can tell for sure dashiel isnt evil. The
balance of the universe has to be maintained. To do that, the life you
grew to know has to be taken away from you.
Me: hmmm, if my brain still functions correctly i think you are trying
to say am still dashiel and he’s still me. And not 2 distant
Dove: exactly! he was gonna be trapped in here forever as long as you
remain on earth.
Me: i guess there’s been a change of plan?
Dove: there was no plan, there is absolutely no way he could have left
this place without help from the outside world.
Me: and there’s practically no way anyone i know could have rendered
help to him, because no one knew he existed!
Dove: exactly dashiel!
Me: just for the record call me ethan!
Dove: ethan! It said. I think he figured out a way himself.
Me: and how’s that? I asked confusedly.
Dove: our duty was to keep him here, but you on the other created a loophole.
Me: how?? I asked totally confused.
Dove: you know how! Ethan. You can see this place from up their, all
you had to do was look deep enough and concentrate.
Me: wait a minute, i think i have a clue. I was up for a final test. I
was to concentrate and look really deep within myself.
Dove: that was him smiling at you.
Me: huuuh!!
Dove: you only needed to shut him out but didnt.
Me: i thought it was some part of me that was there to help.
Dove: he wasnt gonna let go of that opportunity. The battle with
yourself, was all his doing.
Me: but the scroll…i was about giving an excused when i recalled the
scroll yelling in an unusual tone. I exhaled! Well i had no idea.
Dove: those look alikes you fought with were only their to make you
vulnerable. At you weakest point you swapped positions.
Me: i guess you only watched from here, cos there was no way you could stop him.
Dove: it nodded with sadness in its eyes.
Me: how do i return to my body.
Dove: am afraid you cant ethan, no one knows you are here either.
Me: huuuuh!!!! Theres got to be a way.
Dove: shaking its head, dashiel isnt stupid, you gave him the
opportunity of a life time, he’s gonna shut you out forever.
Me: i cant live like this!!! My family, my friends! Its too lonely in here!
Dove: am sorry my friend, its time for me to go too. My job is done!
I watched the bird fly high into the sky and then it halted in
the sky to take its last glance.
Me: wait!!!! Theres got to be something you have to say to me!
Anything! Plsss…. I said almost close to tears.
Just when i thought it was gone i heard flapping sounds behind me.
I turned quickly to see it returning. I felt like hugging it, when i
recalled it was just a bird.
Dove: i wish i was stuck with this part of you dashiel…uhmm ethan.
Me: just stared at it hoping to hear something interesting.
Dove: there’s only one way ethan. But i doubt its potency for your
weak soul it said sadly.
Me: tell me what i must do! I asked impatiently.
Dove: its gonna take more than 10 you to bring dashiel down. First you
have to be stronger than he is, which is nearly impossible.
Me: you are my friend, i know its quite on usual but to me you are an
unusual friend. Help me, i can do it!
Dove: i guess thats what friends do. The power of the crystal cave is
to be absorbed by dashiel.
Me: ok?
Dove: absorbing such power requires all energy and skill. That is your
only opportunity to be free ethan. You must do everything neccessary
to save your self before he absorbs all its power.
Me: the seriousness in its voice i couldnt help but ask one more
question. What if he isnt weak enough, what if i dont get through.
Dove: it stared at me for a while, once the power of the crystal is
absorbed, you’d be trapped in here for ever. Is that what you want?
Me: nope
Dove: nodding, go into the caves, you’d find help. Be strong my
friend. I’d be leaving now ethan, i hope we meet in the outside world.
It said and then flew away.
I stood there for a while staring right into the sky until i lost
sight of it. I was finally alone!