Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 33


After a really long hug she pulled ethan imediately to the dinning,
its been barely 2days now and he’s already looking so malnurished. She
rushed into the kitchen to get him lunch before bombarding him with
lorry loads of questions.
He sat still just staring at his mum, the present reality he found
himself in was just too good to be true just then linshiel interupted.
Lin: i guess am right after all
Dashiel: you know what? I might spare you life.
Lin: he just gave a satisfactory smile.
Dashiel: not without an eternal! Reminder! He said grabbing his arm
and was about taking out his spleen. When katherine walked in with a
tray of food, they quickly positioned themselves.
Lin: seeing lenora he stood up imediately, uhmm i think i have leave now!
Katherine: come ooh! You can atleast stay back for lunch.
Lin: he took a quick stare at dashiel who gave him a smirk, i’d love
to ma’am but i have alot of unattended issues.
Katherine: feel free to come by anytime lin she said with a pleasant smile.
Dashiel: dont run off too far lin you know i hate it when i get to look for you.
He stood there staring at trix and isaiah, they looked really
uncomfortable. His been staring at them for a while.
Spencer: come on dont make me ask, tell me whats wrong already.
Bella: i think you should tell him she whispered to isaiah.
Isaiah: something is definitely not right with ethan sir.
Spencer: hmmm i thought as much, can you be more detailed.
Isaiah: first he was out in the middle of the night to hunt down
doza’s son. 2ndly he doesnt recognize either of us.
Bella: or perhaps he’s just pretending not to.
Spencer: did you just say hunt down doza son? he found him right? He
asked in shocked.
Isaiah: he didnt just find him, he killed him.
Spencer: huh?
Isaiah: i know ethan, he isnt half as strong as linshiel, but today he
was gonna kill linshiel too.
Spencer: i guess he couldnt?
Isaiah: nope linshiel had to talk him out of it?
Spencer: how?
Isaiah: he said the crystal cave never took his mum’s life, it only
gave her a human life and then he brought ethan here. And i think that
explains why he recognizes just her.
Spencer: do you think he has memories of his past life.
Isaiah: yes! Wait a minute could it be his memories returned! He said aloud.
Spencer: how did he change totally in just one night! He wondered.
Right now i think calling him ethan will do no good. He said as they
all nodded in agreement.
he was almost done with lunch, at this point katherine could hardly wait.
Katherine: what really happened to you?
Dashiel: he stared at her for a while, the crystal cave, it separated
myself from me.
Katherine: shocked# what crystal cave??
Dashiel: you dont remember? You were almost dying when you took my
lifeless body there.
Katherine: she had to check his temperature if he was actually normal.
I think you need a little more rest.
Dashiel: you dont remember?
Katherine: no i dont, now its time to have a good sleep, am sure you’d
be better off when you are awake.
She led him to his room before walking back to living room to
fill spencer in. Just when her gaze and his met they both called each
other at the same time, like they both had something to say to each
Katherine: she decided to go first, i think something is wrong with ethan!
Spencer: thats dashiel actually
Katherine: then where is my ethan?
I starred at the dove in shock this was totally weird.
Dove: we knew you’d come ethan
Me: we??
Dove: my friends and i have been awaiting your arrival, follow me. It
said as it flew away.
I tried teleporting and it worked, i felt alive for the first
time. The dove led me to a beautiful grassland with white roses
scattered abroad, woow i thought as i took the pathway and then we got
to a spot were the white roses were stained with massive blood.
Me: why is there blood in here!
Dove: my friends, your otherselves killed them all.
Me: you mean dashiel! I asked in shock.
Dove: it just nods, dashiel is full of recentment, hate, anger,
fustration and regret. All he wants now is revenge. He isnt meant to
exist, atleast not alone. But ethan is.