Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 32


I tried as much as i could to ignore the view just then i saw trix,
she looked so worried. But then there was totally nothing i could do.
I quickly looked away, i took a walk round the beautiful garden.
Watching a beautiful white dove perching from tree to tree.
I paused a bit staring at it with smile’s on my face. Just then
it flew towards me. I quickly stretched out my arm, knowing it was
gonna land. The dove was so beautiful i really felt like touching its
feathers. I moved my arms slowly towards it, trying not to scare it.
Finally i could feel it, soft, warm and mild, just then it spoke.
Dove: have been so lonely in here.
Me: huuuh!! You talk??
Bella and isaiah kept pleading non-stop as he kept his gaze fixed on linshiel.
Dashiel: why!!! He asked angrily. You were not just my only friend but
my only brother! I thought were gonna stand together through thick and
thin. Clearly i was totally wrong. You fooled me! Linshiel!!
Linshiel: have done far to many wrongs i can never atone for, all i
did was to survive thats the life i knew dashiel.
Dashiel: consider this as me trying to survive linshiel!!! He yelled
angrily about piercing his heart.
Lin: wait!! there’s something i think you should know.
Dashiel: he paused, it had better be worth my time, or…..
Lin: he didnt wait for him to finish. It about your mum, the crystal
cave didnt take her life.
Dashiel: what are you saying!!
Lin: it gave her a human life!
Dashiel: his eyes popped open as he stared at lin, he sword slowly
moving away from his neck region.
Like a flash it was placed back on linshiel’s throat. Dont you
dare think you can fool me lin! I lost my trust for you when you tried
to kill my mother!
Lin: this is no trick dashiel!!
Bella and isaiah only stared at them in amazement, with the looks on
their faces anyone could tell there were thousands of unanswered
questions right there in there heads.
He took his sword away grabbing linshiel by the collar.
Dashiel: show me!! He yelled, as they both vanished.
Trix and isaiah quickly ran out of the garden to her car. They
knew undoubtedly their destination was gonna be at ethan’s house.
they both got to the door post, with dashiel’s gaze still fixed on him.
Linshiel: thats the house!
Dashiel: i remember this place!
Linshiel: how??
Dashiel: it doesnt matter just knock! He yelled abit. Linshiel did the
knocking but got no response. He knocked even harder knowing his life
depended on this. Just then they got a reply.
Linshiel: he exhaled in relief, you better be nice man these are your
human parents or should i say foster.
Spencer left katherine on the couch to see who was at the door. Just
when he threw the door open, his eyes found ethan dressed in an unsual
outfit and then linshiel. Ethan!! Where have you been??
Dashiel: he took his gave from the man in front to lin, who needed no
soothsayer to tell him he wasnt in the mood for irrelevant chats.
Lin: uhmm sire he isnt quite himself he needs to see his mum. Maybe
he’d be back to his usual self. He said as dashiel gave him the i’ll
kill you soon kind of look.
They were about walking in as spencer moved away from the door.
When bella and isaiah pulled over in front of their house. Alighted
quickly, running into the house uninvitedly.
katherine was sitted on the couch with her eyes facing a direction.
She wasnt bothered about her surrounding. They spoke with the sheriff
earlier today, she really hope he finds her son.
Just when they stepped in, dashiel could hardly believe what he
saw. He had to clear his mind over and over to be sure lin isnt up to
an illusion trick with him. Every second he stared at her he realized
she was totally real.
Dashiel: m…um! He muttered with shaky lips.
The sound of his voice was all katherine needed to know it was
ethan. She turned swiftly towards his direction.
Katherine: ethan!!! She yelled as she gave a really tight hug.
Dashiel: ethan?? those that even matter! He thought with a smile
holding her himself. I missed you mum he said with teary eyes, his
being dying to see this moment and now he’s finally in it. He didnt
feel like letting go.
Trix and Isaiah stood their in shock, wondering how on earth he
recognized just his mum.