Son Of The Orb Season 2 Episode 35


After a while they all sat still, lost in thought. This has always
been katherine’s fear. Atleast he does recognize her.
Isaiah: i think linshiel knows exactly whats going on!
Trix: yeah! I think so too.
Spencer: lets go meet him then
Katherine: i guess i’d be saying this for the first time but i just
dont like linshiel.
Spencer: honey you dont have to worry all you need to do is keep ethan
here. Uhmm bella do you think you can help me look after her?
Bella: that wont be a problem.
Katherine: seriously? She said staring at everyone.
Spencer gave her peck before leaving with isaiah.
Every single nerve in her body was consumed by worries, shes really
having a bad feeling about this, i mean she gets a bad feeling about
things and people she meet once in a while. But over the years, she’s
learnt to ignore.
Obviously what she’s feeling right now aint like anyother
feeling. She could tell they were all in danger but she just doesnt
know why or how.
Trix: ma’am are you ok! She yelled abit for the fourth time.
Katherine: yes dear she said holding her head. Bella quickly move to
were she was sitted holding her hand.
Bella: he’s going to be fine.
Katherine: this isnt just about him is it?
Bella: frankly i really dont know anymore.
Katherine: you look tired! Oh! My bad, its pretty obvious you’ve been
skipping meals too.
Bella: smiling, am gonna be fine!
Katherine: i’d be right back she said before walking into the kitchen,
to get her something.
She is just so nice, strong and most of all you can tell how much she
loves ethan. I’d still call her his mum even if he was an alien. She
thought with a weak smile.
Just then she heard a name from a really weird voice.
Voice: vaniella! It called out softly.
Bella: she quickly recalled the first time she heard that name. A
strange object in ethan room’s, when ethan was lost in new orleans.
Could it be his in trouble again? She thought as she moved slowly
towards the voice.
She got to the farm house to see the scroll glowing, just then some
some man appeared.
Trix: she almost screamed in fright. You scared me!
Gaine: am gaine, dashiel’s father he said imediately.
Trix: huuh! She yelled abit in shock, before getting a hold of her self. Ok?
Gaine: a long time ago, A princess got tired of the life in sesium,
when she accidentally met a young lad who stole her heart. He was a
human with a warrior’s heart, he was weak but had a brave spirit.
Affection between them grew stronger, so strong that she sort for a
human life. She made a deal with the crystal cave. And was made human.
Bella: how touching she said dryly.
Gaine: i cant go into all the details now bella but years has passed.
The crystal cave only hid her powers from her reach because it knew
this day would come.
Bella: what day?? Maybe we can find her you know, Perhaps she can be of help out
Gaine: shes long dead, but you bella look exactly like her and most
especially you possess the hidden power of the princess.
Bella: she just stared at him like someone just hit the pause button.
Gaine: theres no time bella you have to be ready for what about to
come. He said and was about living.
Bella: wait! What about you, dashiel needs your help.
Gaine: there’s nothing i can do he added and then he disappeared with
the scroll.
Just then katherine walked into farm house to see bella.
Katherine: why are you down here she asked confusedly.
Bella: she turned slowly towards katherine.
Katherine: she saw the worried looks on her face. Ooh dont tell me you
came out here to cry she said giving her a hug.
He was sitted comfortably on his prestigious sit. And was about having
a sip of the elixir. When a servant interupted.
Doza: he stared at him angrily, everyone knows he hates being
distracted when having a good time. Speak up!
Messanger: my lord am afraid, there is no longer a descendant in your
bloodline he said with fear.
Doza stood up angrily as dark smokes rotated around him.
Doza: where is dorenia!! He yelled!
Messanger: he quickly took a step backward. He fell on dashiel’s
sword. Just when he completed those words a dark smoke tossed him out
Doza stared into an empty space with anger burning from the inside.
And then his gaze was shifted to the dark smoke on the right.
Doza: get everyone ready!! Dashiel dies tonight!!! He roared angrily.