Son Of The Orb. Episode 9



He gave the librarian his pass card still maintaining the angry face he bought from home.

His mum was a perfect example of camelion.

This moment she would be nice the next she would nag his åss to the library. Why is it so difficult for her to understand book sulks?!

he screamed inwardly little did he realise his voice was loud.
Librarian: shocked# this kid is gone nuts! He screams just like that!!! You all right?
Frank: i don’t look sick do i?
Librarian: do you have past records of psychological disorder?
Frank: know your place woman!. You are a god damned librarian not some private investigator! He yelled striking the desk before her.
Librarian: scared# her medicated glasses almost lost balance. for a moment she saw his eyes turn red. She was nothing but an old woman striving to make both ends meet. Getting bitten or beaten by a teen psycho wasn’t part of her job.
She quickly marked the pass card with shaky hands.
Here you go son.

Frank: don’t call me that. He replied coldly with a straight face. He enjoyed scaring the cats out of old silver haired folks.
He walked to the comic section with all smiles.
Me: Frank! Buddy!!!
Frank: Ethan!! Is that you? They shoke handr happily. Library wouldn’t be much boring today. He thought silently.
Me: pleasure meeting you again.
Frank: same here. He muttered absent mindedly. All his attentions were poured on the diva seating next to Ethan. She was beautiful. He’d give tp the whole world to go down on her!

Me: no computer games for ya?
Frank: pointing to phiona# is she your sister?
Me: oops my bad. Let the introduction begin. Frank meet my friend, phiona. Fi, meet frank a long time buddy.
Frank: he shoke hands with her. He wasn’t willing to loosen his grip. He felt streams of electric sparks connecting him to her.
Phiona: hmmm..let go. She whispered softly.
Frank: he felt a bit ashamed of himself. She was way too older than him. What was he thinking?
Phiona: smiling uneasily# excuse me boys. Be right back.
She made for the rest room.
Frank: is she just a friend? Like no strings attached?
Me: platonic friendship.
Frank: waoh” would you let me date her?? He nodded slowly.
Me: frank?! You wanna date yo mama?
Frank: not dating in its real sense. You know what i mean. Winks#

she finished urinating and flushed it off. She didn’t go there to pee, she went to brainstorm how to play her cards. A crazy looking idio.t was staring at her which made her force urine outta her bladder.
She smiled heartly, that boy Frank look vulnorable and emotionally unstable. She could use him as a bait to get the scroll. Time was against her, she need to take drastic actions. She adjusted the fly of her jean trouser, nodded and made her way back to the boys