Son Of The Orb. Episode 8


After a long deliberation between ethan’s parents they finally reached a conclusion, he was too young for all this, even when they knew he might find out, they decided to take the risk. He was better of and normal not knowing.
Boreas came from time to time to check on the kid but he was totally out of reach, he’s always out on a delivery trips with spencer. He learnt nothing new about the kid other than he was a regular farm boy who delivers corn with daddy.
It was time for him to get the scroll back to doza, today everyone was out. He has seen spencer putting the scroll in his locker. He went into the house to retrieve the scroll, only to be disappointed once again. He met a locker void of the scroll.
Boreas: aaaaaaarggggh he yelled as he search round the house, he’d have just taken it when he had the chance, he thought as he floated out of the house in frustration. He was gonna be hanging around more often than he imagined.

Summer vacation was wonderful, i had alot of new experience, which was fun. Going on delivery with dad was the best part of my holidays. Dad did all neccessary signing in regards to my transfer to mirian high school. And finally the days i dreamt and visualized was gonna start by monday. I was gonna be officially a student of marian high school, i could hardly wait for monday. If i had the ability to jump time, i’d have done that immediately.
It was almost my reading time, i showered got dressed, said my regular goodbye to mum, and hopped out of the house with dux.
Phiona: heeeey!!!! Ethan!!!!! Wait up!!! She yelled.
Me: i turned to see who, oooh i quickly recalled, phiona!! While i waited she ran towards me. Dux kept backing angrily at her but seem abit scared of her.
Phiona: soon she caught up exhaling deeply, dux barking increased. Hmmm your dog doesnt seem to like me.
Me: he is like that with strangers, i said smiling a bit.
Phiona: have been looking around for you
Me: ooh sorry lately i havent gotten alot of free time.
Phiona: oooh i see, so where are you going in such a hurry.
Me: to the library, you wanna come.
Phiona: hmm great now i have to follow this kid to the library. Yea i’d love to.
Me: ok then lets go. We chatted until we got to the library, we got in and i went in immediate search for new collections of my favourite comics.
Phiona: you like comics?? She asked a bit suprised
Me: yea why do you look suprised
Phiona: oooh nothing, who’s your favourite character.
Me: Boreas i said taking my eyes from the book to her.
Phiona: taken aback alittle, excuse me?? She said looking away.
Me: i thought i saw her pupils dialate, perhaps reacting to the name. I took my eyes of her and back to the book shelve. He is a windlord, he those this whoooof whoooosh kinda stuff i said demostrating, and she moved back a bit shocked.
Phiona: you read about him in comics??
Me: are you alright?? You look frightened.
Phiona: smiling# yeah am an easy scare.
Me: hahahahhaa thats funny you know, just then my eyes caught frank.